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Nerd Pron

Dressing Like A Nerd, Like A Boss

From infants right on up to adults, there is a plethora of awesome new geektastic and stylish duds to show off our inner nerds.  So let’s start...

Nerd Pron

Very Cool Hit Girl Statue!

Now, this would usually come under the header of ‘Nerd Porn,’ but I was very aware of the fact that the statue was of an 11 year old girl and the...

Nerd Pron

Fine Dining: Racoon City Style.

To promote the launch of Resident Evil 6 in the most grandiose manner possible, Capcom is opening a Resident Evil theme eatery in Shibuya, Tokyo. The...

Nerd Pron

Imperial Lego!

The Empire may have lost Star Wars but they are most definitely winning Lego as one of the most impressive vessels in the Star Wars universe gets the...

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