Cavill in Talks to Return As Superman

Cavill Back in Tights?

Henry Cavill is reportedly in talks to return to being Superman. Variety broke the news on Wednesday night that the Witcher star was in negotiations with Warner Brothers. This comes after the announcement that WB would be releasing Zack Snyder’s cut of Justice League on HBOMax. Cavill himself was on hand on Zack Snyder’s stream to help make that announcement during a Man of Steel live commentary event. Cavill debuted as Superman/Clark Kent in that film, and followed it with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Justice League. While Superman also cameoed in Shazam, scheduling conflicts meant someone else had to step into the tights, with their head cut from view. Cavill also infamously couldn’t shave his mustache during reshoots of Justice League, per his contract on Mission Impossible: Fallout. While WB tried to compromise with Paramount, the other studio would not budge.

Trouble on the Warner Lot?

Henry Cavill - image via IMDb
Henry Cavill
Image via IMDb

While this is great news, this comes after nearly two years of uncertainty about his return. In the fall of 2018, talks between Warner Brothers and Cavill’s team broke down. The issue was over scheduling, as Cavill had signed on for the Witcher series. Rumors abounded that WB was then looking to do a Supergirl movie series. Later on, rumors spread that Superman would cameo in Black Adam, starring Dwayne Johnson as the titular antihero. The rumors said then it would mark Cavill’s return to the cape.

Superman Returns…but When?

It’s now a question of when Cavill will return to the DC Universe. As he is busy with the Witcher series for Netflix, it means less time for a longer film shoot. It appears that he will appear in cameos and supporting roles for several films. While these films haven’t been announced, the Black Adam rumors seem to have been revived. 

While neither Cavill or Warner Brothers have fully confirmed these reports, it does seem like very good news for the DC Extended Universe. Until Cavill can fully be Superman in a feature-length film again, he can act as the DCEU’s connective tissue. The DCEU, unlike rival Marvel’s cinematic universe, seems to be now loosely connected instead of each film building up to a major event. With Superman as a way to thread the various films together, it will make the DCEU feel much more connected.


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