CBD and Video Games – Great Insights for Gamers

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There is a close relation between gaming and marijuana since time immemorial. Most gamers claim that it feels better to participate when they are high. It seems there is some science that controls this experience, especially when playing thrilling video games. 

One study from the Netherlands explains that gamers who used marijuana increased their memory retention capacity. As such, patients with Alzheimer’s disease improved their memory when they played video games and smoked marijuana at the same time. 

Unfortunately for those who cherish being sucked into fantasy, marijuana is banned in the current professional video gaming arena, particularly in the Electronic Sports League (ESL).

Apart from playing better when you are high, marijuana also contains CBD, which is the center of attention in health matters today. Some believe that this compound, found in both marijuana and hemp plants, helps the gamers to fight challenges related to gaming. 

That said, let us explore more about the relationship between gaming and the use of CBD.

CBD and Video Games - Great Insights for Gamers
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The Current Challenge

Gamers spend a lot of time holding their gaming pads and staring into the screen. While the first hour or two gives a great experience of fun and fantasy, the body starts to get fatigued quickly. Gamers strain their muscles, nerves, and eyes through concentration and the use of fast reflexes. As such, they need an efficient solution without side effects, and it seems that CBD has got them covered thanks to the numerous health benefits associated with it.

Benefits of CBD for Gamers

  • Calming the players – It is noted that even gamers with superfast reflexes are nothing if they do not stay calm throughout. Playing tough opponents and losing can increase your anxiety. Well, CBD is the perfect answer for you. You can view it now from any reliable website and purchase some to try. It calms the nervous system of the players, which sends the right signals throughout the entire body. Hence, players can concentrate from the beginning to the end of the game no matter how challenging the situation is. 
  • Better sleep – Gamers might have a problem getting a sound sleep. After playing World of Warcraft for hours, your eyes will feel sore and you might have a hard time sleeping. Fatigue also plays a big role and most gamers end up suffering insomnia. However, CBD products have been found to boost better sleep in many situations. It is believed that gamers can benefit from them even after many hours of playing.
  • It protects the brain – Truth be told, gaming can lead to a lot of stress, especially if you keep losing. The first organ to be affected by this stress is the brain. Luckily, CBD has got you covered. It has been seen to protect the brain and boost memory. Remember when we said that people with Alzheimer’s disease get a memory boost after playing games and consuming weed at the same time?
  • Mitigates muscle and joint pain – Even with the best gaming chair and equipment, the muscles will ache after several hours of gaming. Usually, the back gets the most pain, which can be excruciating. CBD is now confirmed as a great solution for muscle and joint pain for gamers. Therefore, it is prudent that you keep CBD supplements close to you, use CBD based skin products, or just take a dose of CBD oil regularly.


Gamers can benefit greatly from pure and organic CBD. Luckily, it contains no substantial amount of THC. This lessens the risks of getting banned from the ESL after taking a drug test. Indeed, CBD is now a game-changer.

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