The New Starfleet Uniforms of Star Trek: Picard


The Fashion of Starfleet


The CBS All-Access series, Star Trek: Picard, carries with it a lineage of iconic uniforms dating back to the 1960s. Looming on the surface of the show is an expectation of creating a new look that pays homage to its predecessors and brings a modern flair. The fan community of Star Trek has been clamoring for a gander at what they’ll be cosplaying in the future.

Recently at the Anaheim convention center, a number of photos have emerged of the location shoot. An artists interpretation of what we are to expect from these designs was recently made available online. Aaron Harvey’s depiction below gives an indication of what we are to see in the final production.

To Boldly Glow

Expectedly, it features heavy influence from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart) has donned the red and black aesthetic as seen above, albeit with some slight differences in design. There is leaning towards 24th and 25th-century design. 

The most prominent uniform displayed is the traditional black and gold notably worn by operations officers. Lastly, we see the blue and black is adopted for science officers per the standard. Keen-eyed fans may see comparatives between these uniforms and the MMO, Star Trek: Online. The neckline itself shows the division color on the shoulders and the badge bears a stern resemblance to the one featured in the game.

Aaron Harvey, The Artist 

To support the artist who created these depictions, you can find Aaron Harvey on for his podcast. Additionally, you can find his work for IDW and DC comics online. His upcoming book, Star Trek: The Official Guide to the Animated Series, is available currently on Amazon.

The release date for Star Trek: Picard is slated for late 2019. The show will be viewable on CBS All Access in America. For Canada, it will be Space and CraveTV. For the rest of the world, it will be available on Amazon Prime.

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