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Because everyone deserves it fresh, even Rotten Tomatoes, the infamous critics’ website on anything film is finally updating its policies. 

A Brief History of Rotten Tomatoes

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Certified Fresh?

Rotten Tomatoes is a review-aggregate website that focuses on film and television. Now on its third decade, the company came from humble roots. The brainchild of three undergraduate students at the UC Berkeley: Senh Duong, Patrick Y. Lee and Stephen Wan, it was launched in August 1998. Since then it has created a place for people to say what they want to say about a film, including the beloved Tomatometer.

If it’s still not obvious, the rotten tomatoes theme comes from throwing tomatoes at rotten performances. 

New Platforms and Criteria

The site is now focusing on qualifications and outputs. Critics and freelance reviewers won’t have problems in terms of inclusion. In addition to that, the doors are finally open to other forms of media reviews, including podcasts and videos. This is their way to widen their pool of critics, creating a more diverse nature.

At the moment, there are more than 200 approved Tomatometer critics.

In an article by Deadline, RT’s Critics Relations Manager, Jenny Jediny stated:

“Over the past few years, our team has added hundreds of new voices to the Tomatometer on top of the thousands we currently have with the goal of creating a critics pool that closely reflects the global entertainment audience. We took another key step today by revamping our critics criteria that both shifts our focus to approving critics individually rather than through publications, and introduces updated guidelines for newer media platforms to be a part of the Tomatometer.”

In the same article, Paul Yanover, president of Fandango, which is the site’s parent company, commented:

“Rotten Tomatoes plays an important role in connecting fans with trusted information and recommendations on what to watch in theaters and at home. Advancing inclusion in criticism continues to be a priority for Rotten Tomatoes and we plan to expand our work with media outlets that hire critics, film festivals, and other groups, so as an industry we can better serve consumers.”

Decades-old Rating System and Controversy

All things considered, Rotten Tomatoes’ update is of help. However, it still does not address the site’s Tomatometer parameters. In this day and age, social media has an unquestionable impact. With its three-decade reign, the Tomatometer affects ticket sales. It’s a PR nightmare, to say the least, when it does.

Such is the instance with movie Gotti reaching headline status after a 0% score. The film wasn’t screened by critics but the score stemmed from 41 reviews. Not only that, the system also doesn’t emphasize discerning individual loggers with the powerful Tomatometer rating system.

Rotten Tomatoes’ update is of help to its users. However, there’s still a need to address its system’s flaws in this day and age wherein they can change the tide of every production.

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