Changes to DC’s Tom King Batman Deal

Tom King Batman


There Are Changes Being Made to Tom King’s Deal With DC

Most Batman fans are already aware of the deal between Tom King and DC. But now it looks like things are changing, hopefully for the better.

The Plan

Tom King
Tom King

Tom King had a one hundred and five issue plan for the beloved character, Batman. It sounds like a massive undertaking, because it is. King was looking to forever change Batman with his series. To leave his mark on the franchise.


We’re over seventy issues into Tom King’s planned one hundred issue series. But that’s all about to change. When the announcements first started coming out, there was a lot of confusion about the matter. But both King and DC were being pretty quiet about it. Either because they had plans for a later announcement, or because they were trying to be professional.

Batman and Catwoman

The official announcement revealed that Tom King’s series would be shifting over to a standalone series. The series title is Batman and Catwoman. Perhaps now he can make all of the changes he’s been hoping for?

By separating his Batman from the main continuity, Tom King has essentially been given free rein. He no longer needs to worry about leaving room for a clean transition when he’s done. The series will be his, through and through.

King’s twitter has shown his enthusiasm for the change, which is no surprise.

King will be working on the next project alongside Clay Mann. Right now the series is scheduled to be twelve issues long. That number is likely to stay firm, since it’s clear that Tom King has a plan in mind.


This change means that King will be leaving his run fifteen issues earlier than planned. DC will be continuing the main Batman series as well. However, it’ll be dropping back down to once a month releases, as opposed to the twice a month schedule that Tom King had lined up.

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