Chinese Actress Fan Bingbing MIA, Communist Party Involved

Fan Bingbing is not your average actress. She’s famous for being an actress, model, television producer, and pop singer; a jack of all trades and master of all. She’s been in many foreign movies, but had one of her most famous roles as Blink in X-Men: Days of Future Past. Time Magazine listed her China’s “most famous actress” in 2015. 

As of this past June, she has not been seen in public. Her last social media post was on July 23. Her disappearance is a mystery, and with the involvement of the Chinese Communist Party, things are sure to turn out ugly. Where did Miss Fan go?

Fan Bingbing’s Last Sighting

Fan Bingbing photographed by Gareth Cattermole. Courtesy of Getty Images

In most cases of famous people suddenly disappearing, the authorities get involved in the search. Although this may be true for other cases, that is not necessarily the case in China. 

Fan Bingbing has been missing for months. Her last sighting was in June, after visiting a children’s hospital in Tibet. Her social media is inactive. According to CNN, the September 6 issue of state media, Securities Daily, gave a chilling report that was later deleted. The report stated that Fan was brought “under control and about to receive legal judgment.”

To this day, there are no official statements on her whereabouts nor official criminal charges.

Contract Leaks

The man who started it all is none other than Chinese TV Host Cui Yongyuan. Though he has apologized for his bad behavior, he is still responsible for the problems that plague Fan Bingbing. Cui leaked Fan’s contracts on social media, and the alleged film contract copies started a series of investigations that led to her disappearance. 

The term for the practice of tax evasion in China is “yin-yang contracts”. This is a practice wherein the first contract is a smaller income with tax while the second one is larger and tax-free. Cui Yongyuan’s actions sparked the State Administration of Taxation of China to investigate the film industry. 

Leadership and Positive Energy

It is no secret that the Chinese government and its creative stars have a relationship problem. The Chinese Communist Party’s involvement and crackdown in this matter is a double-edged sword. First, this will solve problems of corruption and tax evasion. However, it severely affects the creative industry in both the foreign and domestic market. The reputations of both the party and the Chinese film industry are at stake at this moment. 

The State Media asks for celebrities to spread “positive energy” on the internet. Celebrities now have to double their efforts in being in the party’s good graces.

There is no update on Fan Bingbing to this day. 


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