Christian Bale Visits Aurora Theater Victims

 Actor Christian Bale visited victims of the Aurora Colorado theater tragedy which claimed twelve lives.

In a major act of class, The Dark Knight Rises actor Christian Bale visited several victims of the shooting in an Aurora, Colorado movie theater which left twelve dead and fifty-eight injured at a midnight screening of his film. Following the mass shooting, a campaign spread via Facebook and social media outlets that Bale should visit the victims dressed as Batman, but in order to comfort and bring ease to those who went through the horrific ordeal, he opted to meet with them in civilian dress.

Christian Bale visited with medical professionals at Medical Center of Aurora today.According to The Denver Post, Bale spent two and a half hours at Medical Center of Aurora. Several victims of the shooting are still being treated for their injuries at the hospital, but upon notification of Bale’s arrival, two patients from Swedish Medical Center were transported to Medical Center of Aurora to see him. Bill Voloch, interim president of Medical Center of Aurora, said that Bale’s visit was a positive experience for all involved. In addition to meeting with patients, The Post reports that Bale also met with doctors, Aurora police officers and emergency medical technicians who were first responders when James Eagan Holmes shot and killed twelve people, injuring 58.

“It was good for the patients,” Voloch said. “We hope it was therapeutic for them, and all the staff really appreciated him coming.”

It will be difficult not to associate the town of Aurora with the tragedy of the shooting at the Century Aurora 16 Christian Bale visited victims of the Aurora, Colorado theater early Friday morning, but the world has rallied around the town and healing will allow them to rise above the events of July 20. Multiple outlets have been set up to help donate to the victims of the tragedy and the studio responsible for The Dark Knight Rises, Legendary Pictures, has donated $2 million dollars thus far for medical bills, according to a report from USA Today. The way that the world has rallied around these victims is astounding. Christopher Nolan also issued a statement honoring the victims.

When contacted about Bale’s visit, a representative of Warner Brothers said that he is not representing the company. No matter the reason, it is obvious that Bale wanted to support the fans of his films and pay tribute to those who lost their lives in the senseless tragedy on July 20. Major kudos to Bale for this classy gesture.

Photo credit: The Denver Post and CBS Denver.

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