Cocktails & Comics – Deadly Class Vol. One


Cocktails & Comics – Deadly Class Vol. One: Reagan Youth

The Acid King

1st Round

Deadly Class Vol 1 - Cocktails & ComicsPeople love comic books. People love alcohol. And some people really love alcohol. It’s a real shame that someone hasn’t brought the two together. Until now.

With Cocktails & Comics, I’ve curated what I consider (yes, this is a biased selection) to be the best stories out there that use the comic book medium. I’ve taken those stories and I’ve paired them with drinks. Maybe a nice easy merlot, a full-bodied stout, a classic cocktail like an old-fashioned, or even a cocktail of my creation. The goal will be to contribute something that facilitates another level of enjoyment as you pour over the panels.

For the first round, I’ve paired Deadly Class Volume One: Regan Youth (Image Comics) with a drink of my creation. Created by Rick Remender and Wes Craig this series appeals to the teen angst that dwells in all of us. To sip while you flip I give you The Acid King.

The Story

Deadly Class tells the stories of the students at Kings Dominion. A school for assassins. Volume One follows Marcus’s first few months at the school, collecting the first 6 issues of the series. With relatable characters, gripping storylines and written with a deep understanding of what being an outsider feels like the series is soon to be adapted into a television series for SYFY.

The moment that inspired the drink today, a personal favorite, is when our hero Marcus does something bad. In an effort to appear cool in front of his friends, Marcus… well, Marcus does drugs. In an effort to keep his self-appointed title of Acid King, Marcus takes a lot of drugs. Marcus wads up a sheet containing six tabs of acid and places it in his mouth. Being unprepared for the trip brings about the best “hero on acid” scenes to date. It’s a very niche category but Remender and Craig’s work manage to shine above all the rest.

The Drink


  • Cherry or Strawberry Moonshine
  • Triple Sec
  • Cola
  • Ice


  1. Combine 2 oz. of the moonshine of your choosing, it just needs to be really sweet, with 1 oz. of triple sec
  2. Top with Cola
  3. Add Ice 

This drink is something you could have accidentally made in high school by combing random liquors in your parent’s liquor cabinet. If your parents were those people that really love alcohol. That’s intentional. To take you back to to the time where you acted like you enjoyed the taste alcohol, but you didn’t. But that’s also not why you drank it.  The sweetness and simplicity of this drink mask the high alcohol content that comes from the grain alcohol (should be between a 75 or 100 proof). You could take the “6 hits” all at once but remember to please trip responsibly.

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