Review – The Autumnlands Tooth & Claw #14

  • Writer: Kurt Busiek
  • Artist: Benjamin Dewey
  • Color Art: Jordie Bellaire
  • Lettering & Design: John Roshell & Jimmy Betancourt of Comiccraft
  • Publisher: Image Comics
  • Release Date: January 4, 2017







The Autumnlands #14 is the last entry into this arc of this wonderful sprawling fantasy/mystery story. As we left off in issue #13 ” The Goddess” has shown up once again. Dusty, Bertie and the Galateans cannot understand what she is saying for some reason they do not understand “god speak”. Learoyd has no problem understanding her and he is not keen on her plan of destroying the Galateans and taking him with her to where ever she is from. Will Learoyd be able to stand up to a “goddess” and why does he not show up on her scanners? Learoyd is the supposed “Champion” of the Autumnlands, but even champions can fall.

Kurt Busiek is weaving a fantastic tale with The Autumnlands. He has made Dusty into one of my favorite characters in comics. In fourteen issues he has grown into a little bit more self-confident and mature character. When we first met Dusty he was just a child learning from his father, he still has a lot of development to go, but seeing him grow and become more confident in himself has been great. Learoyd “The Champion” is also a very interesting character in his own right. Busiek has made him a mystery, in some parts he seems not so trustworthy. But then as in this issue, he does things that make the reader feel that he is a good person and can be trusted. There still is that uneasiness that comes with Learoyd as we still do not know much about him. We kind of get that he is probably from a “future/ alternate earth”, but we still don’t understand much about him.


Benjamin Dewey is just “magical” in this book. His work on all the different “human animal” type creatures that inhabit The Autumnlands are great! His work on these characters showing emotions through their faces and body language is just top notch. He also has a great sense of making the world feel alive and lived in. All of this praise also goes with Jordie Bellaire on color art. She brings everything to the next level with great detail to the characters and styling of the world. The art is just wonderful to look at from emotional/dramatic scenes to gigantic magic/melee battles. Dewey and Bellaire make a fantastic team.


The Autumnlands #14 is the final installment in this arc and the book continues to impress and keep the reader interested in this ongoing fantasy, adventure mystery.  The creative team is firing on all cylinders and continually put out a great story with each issue. After the events of this issue, the reader is left with more questions than answers. Will Dusty and Learoyd be able to continue on their quest to save The Autumnlands and will we find the truth about this world and its “Champion”?

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