Comic Review: Dead Inside #1

  • Writer: John Arcudi 
  • Art: Toni Fedzula
  • Colors: ANDRÉ MAY
  • Letters: Joe Sabino
  • Publisher: Darkhorse 
  • Release Date: December 21, 2016


(Spoiler Free)

      Dead Inside #1 follows Detective Linda Caruso as she investigates an apparent murder-suicide at the local jail. Linda was a great “beat cop” and enjoyed her job, but after being pushed to take the detective exam she has turned to be a great detective also. She maybe too good and pushing the wrong peoples buttons! With what her superiors see as an open and shut case of a murder/suicide in a local jail Detective Caruso see’s something else at play. She may be onto something but with evidence being covered up who can she trust?

    John Arcudi (writer of Rumblehas started off a great crime/mystery book. Linda is an interesting character that seems to have many different dynamics to explore and has mysteries of her own. I am usually not super into crime mysteries in comic form but this has a great hook and start to it. John Arcudi writes a great character in Detective Linda Caruso and that’s what really holds the story together. Without a good protagonist it would be another run of the mill crime mystery but I am genuinely intrigued to learn more about her.


   I hate to say it, but Toni Fedzula’s art really drags this book down. The characters faces are expressionless most of the time and the characters seem very stagnate and not detailed. When their are close up of faces I am not really sure if the black marks are supposed to be shadows or what? But it just makes the characters faces seem dirty and it feels really out of place. The black marks on the faces a very distracting and really pulls the reader out of the book. The character proportions are off on a lot of panels and the perspective/ angles of some of the panels seem very strange making the background or characters seem over elongated or at strange angles. One character in particular her face has a cartoon alien shape. All of this really takes away from the realism of this book. With a crime story that is very down to earth and real world I feel like the art should reflect that and this just does not do the story justice! The colors are also very dark and monotone for the whole book, and everything seems to have this glossy look or shine to it in some scenes. I would like a more detailed and realistic art to fit the tone and story of this book. I wouldn’t say the art is bad but it just does not feel like the right artist for this book.


    Dead Inside #1 is a great crime mystery story and has a great lead character. John Arcudi has started a great mystery in one issue and has given us some interesting questions to be answered. It is too bad the art is not as good as the story. It really pulls the reader out of the realism of the book and diminishes the overall story. If you like a good crime mystery Dead Inside is right up your alley, even with the art issues the mystery has me on board at least for the second issue.

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