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Endgame #1 follows the battle between The Hero-corps and their nemesis a group of super villains calling themselves Legion. We follow hero’s Omega, Typhoon, Terracles and many other of the Hero-Corps as they deal with the recent deadly attacks from Legion members Old School Wizard, Plasmoid, Blockade and a host of others. With a recent prison break Dr. Shinka has begun to formulate his plan with Okhotnik to once and for all take down the Hero-Corps.

Endgame #1
Endgame #1 Cover

There is a lot happening in this first issue of Endgame. The reader gets introduced to a wide variety of heroes and villains throughout the pages. Andrew Hines and Daniel Kalban have created a wide variety of super-powered people in this world they have started to build. They are telling a very big, dramatic story that is a hefty task for a new series. We are introduced to all of the characters with a description block telling their name and super human abilities. This is a great thing to do as there are a lot of characters in this book and having a quick rundown of the name and power set is always nice. The main problem is that there are so many characters in this book that the reader has a hard time, emotionally latching onto any one character and really understanding or connecting with them. The overall story is very fun and imaginative, but it is hard for the story to have that epic feel to it without having any stakes in the characters. I do really enjoy the wide variety of characters and the imagination and creativity that went into them, there are just too many of them for one issue.


The art team had a bold task in front of them designing costumes and overall aesthetics for all of these characters that are featured in this series. There are some fantastic designs like Furball’s sleek costume design and TSEL eye-catching mask/wardrobe. With this many characters, all of the costume designs are not going to be hits (I am looking at you guy with four leaf clover on his chest). Design aesthetics to the side Marcio Abreu’s does a really great job drawing all of these characters, it can be tough for an artist to keep the characters separate and Abrue does well to give each character their own look and feel to them. Abrue also does some really good panel structure in the fight scenes, giving them a very dynamic “blockbuster” feel to them. The characters do need a little bit more emotion in their faces and body posture. Also at times, the background can be lost in some scenes. Colorist Adriano Augusto does a really fantastic job especially with the use of red and orange when Ventus and Plasmoid fight, his colors really bring those pages to life.


Endgame #1 wants to tell a very big story. A large group of heroes facing a large group of villains going at each other’s throats. It succeeds in introducing many great characters that seem to have some really fantastic creative ideas and concepts behind them from creators Andrew Hines and Daniel Kalban (I really want to know more about Furball the genetically enhance werewolf!), but that is also its downfall. We get so many characters introduced to us in 22 pages that the reader does not get latched onto any of them and the story holds no weight because of that. Endgame #1 is a really fun read and it’s great to see all of these characters, but for an overall story purpose, it would fair better if the main focus was on only a few characters.  The creative team is onto something really good with Endgame #1, with a little more character focus this is going to be a really good series.

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  • On behalf of Andrew and myself, I’d like to say thanks for the honest review. It will definitely help us in pacing the subsequent issues.

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