Comic Review: Ghost Rider #2

  • Writer: Felipe Smith
  • Artist: Danilo S. Beruth
  • Color Artist: Jesus Aburtov
  • Letterrer: VC’s Joe Caramagna
  • Publsiher: Marvel Comics
  • Release Date: December 28, 2016


Before we jump into Ghost Rider #2, here’s a quick recap from the previous issue. Robbie still works at the body shop and is taking care of his brother Gabe. He has made a deal with his Uncle Eli (The Ghost Rider that inhabits him) that he will “fuel” his vengeance but only on the worst criminals. This series starts close to where the previous twelve issue All-New Ghost Rider series left off.

Issue one left us with Ameudeus Cho Hulk investigating a purple creature that infected a rat and then bit him. The creature absorbed  The Hulks power and began rampaging around the city and Wolverine happened to be in it’s cross hairs as the issue ended. Ghost Rider #2 picks right up off that beat and we get a fun team up with Hulk and Wolverine battling this creature (the new Hulk and Wolverine are going to have a little bit of a different dynamic than Bruce and Logan had).  A new ex-convict joins the work crew at the body shop Robbie works at and something is happening to Robbie when he changes into the Ghost Rider. With a new creature rampaging threw Robbie’s town with Wolverine and Hulk on its tale, it won’t be long until they meet up with The Ghost Rider. Can they play nice or will vengeance be extracted?

     Felipe Smith is an excellent character writer. He gets the voices of every character right and really makes them there own person. From the previous series his strongest points are Robbie and his little brothers Gabes interactions and relationship. Felipe does a great job of writing these two brothers and really makes you feel emotionally attached to them in Ghost Rider #2. The only problem I feel with this new series is that if you did not read the first All-New Ghost Rider series you miss out on Gabe and Robbies relationship, because those 12 issues of the previous series mainly focused on that. This current series seems to be trying to get Robbie Reyes integrated into the larger Marvel Universe. Which is a good thing to hopefully get more readers on board, but I will always have a soft spot for Robbie and Gabe being in their own little corner of the Universe. Felipe does a great job of writing The Hulk and Wolverine. They have some fun interactions with each other.

Ghost Rider #2
(CA) Felipe Smith


   Danilo S. Beruth is the main artist on this series. He does some really good action work in Ghost Rider #2. When the characters are in motion, they have a great since of motion and impact to them. He does some great panel set ups. With having The Hulk, Wolverine and a giant purple monster all together Beruth gets to show off his talents of catching these characters in motion. With all these characters Jesus Aburtov on colors does a great job of making them not seem out of place or not “fitting with the story. With The Hulk being green, Wolverine in the yellow and blue and a purple monster in the mix the colors could definitely be a distraction, but Aburtov does a great job balancing these colors out. On a side not Laura AKA X-23/ All-New Wolverine or whatever you want to call her looks awesome in the “wolverine” yellow and blue costume.  The only downside on the art is that when characters are not in motion and are just talking they seem very static and out of place. Also the faces of the characters need more detail and expression to them. 


     This new Ghost Rider series is starting right off the bat getting Robbie Reyes into the larger Marvel Universe. With The Hulk and Wolverine already making appearances Robbie Reyes is becoming a house hold name (being featured on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D doesn’t hurt either). Felipe Smith continues to do a fantastic job with this new iteration of Ghost Rider by giving him some great emotional depth. With some dynamic art work thrown in the mix and a fun comic book super hero team up coming our way, you should definitely jump in the “Hell Charger” and go for a ride with Ghost Rider #2.

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