Comic Book Review: The Lost Boys #3

  • Writer: Tim Seeley
  • Artist: Scott Godlewski
  • Colors: Trish Mulvihill
  • Letters: Clem Robbins
  • Publisher: Vertigo
  • Release Date: December 14,2016

(Spoiler Free)


      So after issue #2 we have some big developments happening in The Lost Boys. The Frog brothers have been captured or possibly killed by once thought dead David! Sam and Michael are forced to go it alone to find out what happened with The Frog brothers and stop the Blood Belles from taking over Santa Carla! Lucy, Laddie and Nanook are trying to get out of town safely but find themselves in some trouble! Star has simply ran away for reasons yet unknown! It seems like all of our hero’s are in trouble and with all of Santa Carla’s vampire hunters killed can they survive and can The Blood Belles be stopped? Well the answer is that all of Santa Carla’s Vampire hunters have not been destroyed, there is still one left “The Believer”! Yes sexy abs of steel Rock/Saxophone (yes Rock/Sax is a thing, I guess?) player is back and he has come to help Sam and Michael fight back against The Blood Belles and their plan to take over Santa Carla.

      Tim Seeley has wrote a fantastic little tale and has made what could be just a run of the mill “licensed property book” into a fun read. Now, it’s not necessarily going to blow any bodies socks of story wise or win any awards but it is a lot of fun! He gets the tone of The Lost Boys movie and transfers it well into the comic book format. The characters seem true to their movie counter parts and he has made some interesting developments into this world.


    The art is still satisfactory for this book, the characters look enough like their actor counter parts to fulfill that need. I feel Godlewski’s art is better when designing his own original characters than having to try and do likenesses of actors. The action pieces are fun and are well done and the colors match the feel of the book and art. Again as with the story , it’s not going to blow anybody away or win any awards, but it is still good and does justice to the book and story.


     Overall The Lost Boys #3 (of 6) is turning into a fun little “miniseries”/ sequel to the original movie. There are some fun, novel concepts that fans will truly enjoy. I am actually surprised this even happening! In that the movie has enough fans and that the small number of those fans that actually buy and read comics cannot be that much. So I can’t imagine this is doing super well sale wise, if your are not a fan of the movie I really can’t imagine someone just randomly reading this. All that said I am enjoying this book and it is a fun read month to month. No it doesn’t blow me away, but it’s fun and a nice escape, sometimes that’s all I really want from a comic. So yes “I still Believe!”

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