Comic Book Review: Motor Crush #1

  • Writers: Brenden Fletcher, Babs Tarr, & Cameron Stewart
  • Artist: Babs Tarr & Cameron Stewart
  • Leterrer: Aditya Bidikar
  • Publisher: Image Comics
  • Release Date: December 7, 2016

(Spoiler Free)


     Motor Crush #1 is the new comic by super star team from the famed Batgirl of Burnside run of Brenden Fletcher, Babs Tarr, & Cameron Stewart. Motor Crush #1 starts off fast and furious like it should, we the reader are dropped into this future high octane world where motor cycle racing is king. We follow the main protagonist Domino Swift and her race team as they gear up for a big race in the worldwide motorcycle racing league. That’s not all Domino is up to she also races in illegal street races with biker gangs and these races are no holds barred. The participants use a variety of weapons to wreck there opponents to win the race and also win the prize of illegal machine narcotic “crush” (yeah it’s an illegal drug for machines!). 

Now, I have never read Batgirl so I have no immediate connection to this team or book, the story looked interesting so I gave it a go.

  The set up and flow of this book feels like an epic late 1970’s -1980’s movie. We are thrown into this future world where things are familiar but completely different at the same time. The creative team does a great job fleshing out the world and not making the reader feel lost throughout the book. We learn about the world through various character interaction, background details and other various inputs. Some scenes information is given through what seems to be a tablet or touch tv type information screen, which is an inventive idea but a little confusing as to is this something being broadcast 24/7, are other people seeing this in this world or is this just for the reader? The last few pages of the book also feel a bit rushed to get to the final page. Other than those mild complaints, the story flows great. Their are some great action beats and race scenes. The book runs at a breakneck pace, a lot happens in this first issue. In the illegal street race with the biker gangs we get a great “character selection” page showing the racers, their gang affiliation, weapon of choice and record. Any time you put something like this in a book I am on board. The overall feel to the book is very frantic, for lack of better words I hope after this first set up issue it “slows” down just a little.


   Babs Tarr and Cameron Stewart make a great art team and work fantastic together. They have some great panel layouts that really catch the speed and overall insanity of these races. It can be hard to show vehicle races/chases in the comics medium. The creative team here knows how to layout panels and scenes to make them feel as fast and hectic as they should. Their character work and designs are really a delight to look at. They make each character an individual with their own style and attitude. They do a beautiful job of letting the art speak for the characters and the reader gets a lot of information from how individuals dress and react to other characters with facial expressions and body posture. The art is good and brings it’s own style and flair to the book. In some pages I would like a little more detail and a little bit “tighter” feel would lend to a better overall aesthetic to the book.


       Batgirl creative team fans can rest assured that Motor Crush is gearing up to be another hit series. Motor Crush #1 feels like a great opening to a classic 1980’s dystopian future type movie! With some great character work and designs Motor Crush will have the reader locked in. While the book runs at a break neck pace and some things are left in the dust, overall Motor Crush #1 is a fun comic that ignites the imagination.

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