Comic Review – Motor Crush #2

  • Writers:  Brenden Fletcher, Cameron Stewart, Babs Tarr
  • Artist: Cameron Stewart, Babs Tarr
  • Color & Production Assistant: Heather Danforth
  • Letterer: Aditya Bidikar
  • Publisher: Image Comics
  • Release Date: January 11, 2017



Motor Crush #2



Motor Crush #2 Cover by Babs Tarr
Motor Crush #2 Cover by Babs Tarr

We left off issue #1 with our main protagonist and all around vicious cycle racer Domino Swift downing an un-godly amount of the motor-drug “crush” that would surely be her demise. In the start of Issue #2 inthe wake of her survival, Domino questions why she was able to survive ingesting so much of the harmful drug. She questions her adopted father about why he will not tell her about her biological family and why he keeps it such a secret. She also has a dream that turns into more of a vision that leads her to an old flame who used to be on their race team but is now in her own trouble. 

Motor Crush is turning into an interesting mystery story with some great racing/action to boot. Issue #1 got most of the “world building” out of the way, so now we get to delve more into these characters and what makes them tick. Domino is still slowly developing and we get a little bit more insight into her life. The book has some great action beats, but the story still lacks a little bit of that “catch” that will have the readers coming back for more.


The art still has that very energetic feel to it that really makes it “pop” off the page. The combination of some good cartooning and neon color splashes really make the book feel alive and vibrant. Minor complaints would be one character with red eyes in some scenes they are really weird looking and feel out of place, also sometimes the faces seem a little off at times. The art team does a great job on the action scenes. The punches, kicks, knees etc. have that great impact feel that makes the pages feel in motion. The vehicles really feel like they are in motion also and are very well drawn. It is no easy feat to draw well-rendered vehicles and in motion, so the art team should be praised for this. 


Motor Crush #2 is a fun book that nails the action scenes and the creators have built a really interesting vibrant world, where motorcycle racing rules the streets. The colors are very eye catching and enhance the feel of the world and the character designs are fantastic, they really set the book apart. The story still needs that catch to keep the reader coming back. This being only the second issue it still has time to get that. Only other gripe is I don’t really get the big reveal at then end, I won’t spoil it but she wears a clear pink face mask and drives the same bike and wears the same clothes in all of her races so are people not supposed to know who Domino Swift is?

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