Comic Review: Reborn #3

  • Writer: Mark Millar
  • Artist: Greg Capullo
  • Inker Jonathan Glapion
  • Colorist: Fco Plascencia
  • Lettering/Design: Nate Piekos 
  • Publisher: Image Comics
  • Release Date: December 14, 2016

(Spoiler Free)


       After issue #2 Bonnie is adjusting well to her new life after being “reborn”. She is off on an adventure to find her husband with her dad and her suped up reborn “battle dog” Roy-Boy. Things seem to be going well for Bonnie, but good things don’t last and the ruler of The Darklands Lord Golgotha wants this warrior queen captured! General Frost from the Darklands has been sent and he wants his own kind of revenge for what Bonnie and her family did to him in his past life as their house cat ( lets just say Bob Barker is in a lot of trouble if he got Reborn for telling everyone to spray & neuter their pets!). General Frost is not the only person Bonnie and her dad have to worry about, other people/creatures from The Darklands are after them, and with Bonnies “warrior abilities” not kicking in just yet they may be in a lot of trouble!

       Mark Millar still weaves a fantastic story with Reborn #3. He is telling a great Sci-fi/fantasy tale that is becoming more engrossing with each issue. This issue feels a little bit slower than the first two as most of what happens seems to take place in a very short period of time. This is natural since the first two issues where really there to set up the world and the adventure at hand. The characters do make one really uncharacteristically dumb move that you know is not going to end up well, but I guess in the context of the story they really did not have much of a choice. This is still a really fun book and a great read each month.


    The art team is still obviously fantastic and nothing has really changed about that. I love the color changes and changes in looks/dynamics of people and creatures when we enter The Darklands compared to Adystria.  The character detail and backgrounds are still just fantastic and this book is a delight to look at each week with magical array different creatures and characters making up this world. One complaint art wise would be in a few pages the perspective of the characters seem off. I do not know if these characters are supposed to be “giant like” in size or not? In some panels they look bigger than normal and in others they look about the same size as other characters. That would be my only complaint art wise. Maybe the panels should have been set up differently to make their size easier to be known.


    Reborn is still a great read form month to month. While this issue was not as tight as the previous two, it still is a great book! Reborn has a very distinctive style and flair to it that sets it apart from other scifi/fantasy books out on the shelves right now. It’s always great to pop open an issue and see what wonderful/creepy creatures the creators have come up with for each issue! I don’t know where things will go after this issue but it is definitely going to be a wild ride!

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