Comic Book Review: Savage #1

  • Writer: B. Clay Moore
  • Artist: Clayton Henry and Lewis LaRosa
  • Colors: Brian Reber
  • Letterer: Dave Lanphear
  • Publisher: Valiant Entertainment
  • Release Date: November 30, 2016

(Spoiler Free)


     Savage #1 (of 4) is my first introduction into the Valiant Universe and the first Valiant comic I have ever read and it will definitely have me coming back for more! In Savage #1, a world famous soccer player from Brazil, his wife and baby boy where involved in a plan crash fifteen years ago while traveling to the United Sates. While the family was thought to be dead, they actually have crashed landed on a prehistoric island ruled by Dinosaurs. While the description sounds a little bit like Land of the Lost or some other campy humans in prehistoric time show, Savage #1 brutally lives up to it’s name.

Moore does a fantastic job with what could have been a run of the mill “Dinosaur” book. He uses flashback and flash forwards perfectly to set up where the story is and how it came to be. The first few pages of the book being dialogue less  and just letting the art tell the story sets the tone for Savage and lets the reader know what they are in for. Moore also sets up some great characters and really builds them up and makes you connect with them within this first issue. This is very important to do if this truly is a four issue miniseries, he does not have time to waste on two issues of set up. Moore delivers with this first issue with great character work and a script that sets the world and tone of the book quickly. He also does a great job of toeing that line of giving the reader enough information about the world to be interested but not enough to give away the mystery or being an info dump.


   We have two artist on Savage #1 Clayton Henry and Lewis LaRosa. Which usually is not a great thing for a comic book but Savage #1 knows how to balance both artist. LaRosa handles the first few pages which are dialogue less. We are thrown into action as a young boy ruthlessly fights a dinosaur to capture it’s eggs for food! LaRosa’s art sets the tone for the book right off the bat. His scratchy, rough styling and the muted colors really place you into this world and lets you know why the book is called Savage. These pages are beautiful and violent and LaRosa does a great job of telling a story without dialogue. Clayton Henry with Brian Reber on colors gets the rest of the book with a flashback to fifteen years earlier and the plane crash that got the family on the island. Clayton’s more “superhero” art styling and Reber’s bright coloring is a fantastic contrast to LaRosa’s more rough styling. It really sets the tone for the flashback of where they were and what they have become. Juggling two different art teams can be difficult on one book but Savage pulls it off perfectly.


    Savage #1 is a great book for any comic book reader to dive into. If you have never read a Valiant book it won’t matter; it really has no connections to the overall universe at this time. Being one of four issues Moore does a great job of setting up the story and characters with this first issue and will have the readers coming back for more! The art team really brings the name Savage to life, fitting LaRosa’s rough styling with Henry’s more clean style is a great contrast for the story. I was not expecting much of Savage #1 but I am now on board and ready for more (as it seems everyone else is to).

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