Comic Book Review – Supergirl #2


  • Writer: Steve Orlando
  • Artist: Brian Ching
  • Colors: Mike Atiyeh
  • Letterer: Steve Wands
  • Publisher: DC Comics
  • Release Date: October 12, 2016

Supergirl #2 Story:

      This issue starts part two of the Reign of Cyborg Superman. Kara Danvers (AKA Supergirl) confronts cyborg Superman she discovered at the end of last issue and he claims to be her dad Zor-El (which is shocking because he is dead!). Kara starts to unravel the mystery of her family while also dealing with school problems. This is only the second Supergirl book I have ever read and it throws you right into the mix and I will admit some of it is a bit confusing. I do not really know much about Cyborg superman or much about Supergirl in general. I could really do without the whole Cyborg Superman plot actually. The book really shines for me is with Kara dealing with her school problems and new life, Orlando does a great job of showing Kara’s trouble  dealing with these issues. I really wish we could spend more time with Kara in school and adjusting to here new family. It seems that the story is moving a little to fast, we go from a battle with Cyborg Superman, to a jail interrogation then straight to Cat Grant giving a speech at National City Technical High School. It all seems to be moving a little too fast for me. 

supergirl-2The Art:

      What first initial drove me to pick up this book was Brian Ching’s art (me and my wife also started season 1 of SuperGirl also). I really enjoy his manga(ish) style . He has very visually distinctive art style that sets a tone for the book. Ching does a great job of making Kara look strong when she is Supergirl but also having a youthful sense to her when she is Kara Danvers. When scenes are drawn from a distance Ching’s style does have its troubles as it lacks details and backgrounds, when the shots are close and more focused on one or two characters he really shines. Again this is where I wish the book focused more on day to day Kara Danvers, the art does a spectacular job of showing Kara’s uneasiness in school and while being “interviewed” by Cat Grant. I really like the art but to many distant shots and lack of background detail is holding it down some for my taste.



          While overall this is not a bad issue, it just moves to fast for me. I would like to spend more time with Kara and adjusting to here family and school life. I would like for the Cyborg Superman story line to hold off and maybe have played more in the background for a few more issues while we get to know Kara. Ideally, I would like more stories with Kara and doing some “Supergirling” on the side before we jump straight into a big story arc.

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