Comic Review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe #3


  • Writers: Paul Allor, Kevin Eastman, Tom Waltz, Bobby Curnow
  • Artist: Damian Couceiro, Kevin Eastman, Bill Sienkiewicz
  • Colorist: Ronda Pattison, Tomi Varga
  • Publisher: IDW Publishing
  • Release Date: October 26, 2016

Spoiler Free Review for TMNT Universe #3

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe #3

    Tension is running high in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe #3 (TMNT),! If you recall from the previous issues the turtles and April are trapped in Professor Stockman’s new facility and surrounded by a “military group” that wants to kill all mutants. With no other options available the our heros are forced to team up with new murderous scorpion mutant Zodi secretly working for the Null Group) and professor Stockman (in his new cyborg/ironman suite) to try and escape! I am really enjoying this story line and its miniseries feel that the past three issues have had with the turtle trapped in this building. This scenario has really allowed write Paul Allor to do some great character work. Detective Lewis on the outside of the building has become a interesting new addition to this TMNT Universe we have seen her throughout this series question this new “authority” hunting mutants and hope she continues to be featured in the future. Allor also does a great job with April O’neil and giving her some good character moments in this series, she has a great moment in this issue when it is up to her to take a daring risk and we get to see how capable she is (actually the whole chain of events bends from April risks of  going to Stockman’s new lab in the first place). Allor has really fleshed out Raphael (the best turtle!) and we find out why he has been extra moody throughout the first few issues and it has to do with what happened way back in the very beginning of the ongoing series (a little over 5 years ago). The call backs to the main series time line only help expand what is happening in the past few issues and really adds to the story, rather than in some cases could detract from the story going on in this book; which is really a credit to the creative team that they can mesh this individual story with what has previously happened in the main TMNT book.

The main story of this book is by my count only 20 pages and it feels like a lot more happens in this book with 20 pages and that is a great credit to Paul Allor’s writing. The story stays in the same basic area but we get such great character moments that it feels like a lot more is happening! With keeping the book in the same setting and not rushing through has really helped TMNT Universe feel more like a mini series and has been a great start to this series. The back up story honestly I could still do without, for the $4.99 price tag just give me more pages of the main story. The back up is not bad but the main story is so good, I would rather have more of it.


          Damian Couceiro and Ronda Pattison once again deliver a great feast for the eyes. When there is action it is hard hitting and violent, when emotions are running high you can see it in the characters faces and body language. The art team does a great job teamed up with Allor’s writing, they complement his writing style with great character work and detail. All around just a fantastic job, the art remains solid and consistent throughout and it is hard to find a major complaint about it. The back up story is still the same, arts good and it’s nice to see but again I could really do without the back up story.



      I am really running out of things to say about this book and not repeating my self from my previous review. Paul Allor’s writing on the main story is just great stuff and he is just great at developing characters. The art remains solid and is hard hitting when it needs to be and emotional when the script calls for it. Not to sound like a broken record but really the back up story with Leo is okay and all but really detracts from the main story and book itself. For $4.99 give me more pages of the main story or something other than Leo having some kind of fever dream or whatever is going on in it! Overall a great book, but the whole back up story is wearing out its welcome.

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