Comic Book Review: The Lost Boys #1

  • Writer: Tom Seeley
  • Artist: Scott Godlewski
  • Colorist: Trish Mulvihill
  • Letters: Clem Robbins
  • Cover Artist: Tony Harris
  • Publisher: Vertigo Comics
  • Release Date: October 12, 2016


I am a huge fan of the original The Lost Boys movie, I watch it every year before Halloween (I have heard there are sequels but I refuse to acknowledge those). I have been very excited about this book since it was announced and have very high expectations for it. 

Lost Boys #1 Story:

We start right back in Santa Carla “Murder Capital of the World”, Sam is working at the comic shop, Michael has himself a job finely and is still with Star. The “Frog Brothers” are getting trained by Grandpa and Nanook to become better vampire hunters. It seems all is well since Max’s “Lost Boys” were taken out by Santa Carla’s bravest, that is until a new brood of vampires show up to take over. For fans of The Lost Boys it does a great job of continuing the story in what seems a few months since the big battle in the movie and the characters feel like there movie counter parts. Tom Seeley has some great nods to the original movie that fans will catch immediately (shirtless saxophone man makes a short appearance in the book and has his own awesome variant cover). Overall this first issue lets the reader get back into the lives of the characters and sets up the new world after the events of the movie. Having the series be six issues is a fantastic idea rather than the normal four issue mini series format. The six issue format should give more time for the characters to be developed and not have to rush the series to an ending.

Lost Boys #1 cover

The Art:

        Scott Godlewski (artist on Copperhead) has the tough job of drawing a licensed property and actors from a movie almost 30 years old. He does a good job of character reference, while not exactly photo realistic to the actor counterparts you will know who the characters are by looking at them. In my opinion this is the best way to go about it, I do not want a pitch perfect replica of the actor, I like having the artist use their own style to depict the characters. Godlewski does some great character work and makes you feel back in The Lost Boys world. The scenes have a cinematic feel and have that same balance of comedy/horror the movie has. Mulvihill fits the colors in the more 80’s style that the book is set in and does a great job with some of the darker scenes in the book.


             Fans of The Lost Boys movie will enjoy this continuation of the characters. It has the right feel and tone from the movie. The ending of this first issue shakes up the status quo from the movie and promises us this next five issues are going to do more exploring of these characters and what this new threat brings. Fans of The Lost Boys will certainly enjoy this book and definitely (for now) serves as a worthy sequel to the cult classic movie.

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