Comic Book Review: The Lost Boys #2

  • Writer: Tim Seeley
  • Artist: Scott Godlewski
  • Colors: Trish Mulvihill
  • Letters: Clem Robbins
  • Publisher: Vertigo Comics
  • Release Date: November 9, 2016


(Spoilers if you have not read issue #1, but no spoilers for this current issue.)

  The Lost Boys #2 (of 6) starts right off with the fallout from the first issue. Dealing with the death of Grandpa Emerson at the hands of a new group of vampires. Ms. Emerson is obviously upset that her father has been killed, while Sam seeks solace in is older brother. Sam realizes that the girl he met in the comic shop had the same tattoo as his grandfathers killer. With some detective work Sam and the Frog brothers figure out that there is a new group of vampires in town and where they might be hiding! With all Santa Carla’s veteran vampire hunters killed in the most recent attack, the Frog brothers gear up to go stake some suckheads! Things don’t go quite as planned and Michael finds out Star might be hiding something bigger from him than just being a bloodsucker.

    Tim Seeley nails the voices of the characters in this issue. I can’t help but read all of the characters dialogue in the actors voices and it matches perfectly. Seeley has really hit his groove with this second issue and does a fantastic job of diving deeper in with these characters than the movie could do. He does a great job of pacing in this current issue and does a fantastic job of setting up the next issue. 


    Godlewski on art still holds it down pretty well. He still does a great job of making the characters to the “likeness” of their actor counterparts but not being photo referencing. It is a style that works great for this book. It has the nice match of realism and comic book styling that it needs. The colors are great in this book mixing the dark and the light while having the shadows play with the characters and scenes. The panel layout is really great in this book. It really flows nicely with the eyes and really helps the scenes play out. It is something that is sometime over looked but the panel structure and layout really effects comics and this issue does a great job of slowing down and speeding up the reading with its structure.


   I was really excited about this series when it first was announced being a huge The Lost Boys movie fan. After the first issue just being okay, I was a little bit more skeptical about this series. Well, issue #2 sets those worries to rest. Tim Seeley really hit it out of the park after that first set up issue. He has the voice of these characters down and is doing a great job of exploring them and fleshing them out more. The art still serves the story well, while not groundbreaking it catches the characters and the world very well and makes you feel like you are back in “The Murder Capital of the World”. This being a six issue mini series is perfect, it has given this team time to explore and set up things that could not have been done in four issues. I am not going to spoil anything but Tim Seeley knows what the fans want and he delivers. I still believe!

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