Comic Book Throwback Review – Green Lantern #8 (DC Comics)

Green Lantern #8 (DC Comics) cover (detail) by Pat Broderick
Green Lantern #8
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Green Lantern #8

Writer: Gerard Jones
Artist: Pat Broderick
Colorist: Anthony Tollin
Letterer: Albert De Guzman
Publisher: DC Comics
Maturity Rating: Teen

Appa Ali Apsa has gone mad and taken over the mind of John Stewart. He threatens to destroy Oa and the Green Lanterns forever. It is up to Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner to stop him and save John. But how will they do this with no powers?


Power’s Out in Green Lantern #8

Disclaimer: I wrote this before knowing about Gerard Jones crimes, despite what the end of the article says I will be throwing Green Lantern #8 in the garbage and not be seeking out more of this run

We are back again with another Comic Book Throwback Review. Today we are going to look at Green Lantern #8 (this is Vol. 3 #8, to be exact, from 1991). Quick story about how this comic book came into my hands. So a few years ago a work friend bought an old camper off of another guy. It happened to have some old comic books in it. My buddy comes to me at work, knowing I am into comics, and asks if I would like a stack of old comics from some random camper. Of course my answer was an enthusiastic “yes”! So, he brings me in a nice stack of comics. Obviously not in the greatest of condition, but still pretty good. They also did smell a bit, which my wife was not super stoked about. But hey, free comics!

Green Lantern #8 (DC Comics) cover by Pat Broderick
Green Lantern #8 (DC Comics) cover by Pat Broderick

Now I am like a kid in a candy store looking through the stack to see if I can find some gems. Well, you can probably figure out they were mostly random ’90s titles that nobody cares about. Anybody want a Stryfe #1 issue? But it did have a few good ones. Part of a Dazzler mini-series with her wearing the best costume she has. It also contained Green Lantern #8. This is my first and only physical Green Lantern comic I own. I didn’t know what to expect from this issue, but for a free issue found in an old camper, not too bad of a find.

I Have the Power

Obviously, after that intro, I have no clue what happened before Green Lantern #8. So I just jumped in, cold turkey, and it’s actually pretty good. Gerard Jones writes Green Lantern #8 and he does a great job of making the issue easy to follow for a new reader, but also fun and exciting as well. So, apparently there is trouble on the Green Lantern homeworld, Oa. One of the Guardians, Appa Ali Apsa, has gone crazy, has taken over John Stewart’s body, and has taken away the Green Lanterns’ power.

Jones does a good job of filling the reader in while pushing the story forward. I enjoyed his writing throughout. His dialogue for the older, more weathered Hal Jordan was great. I liked this elder Hal; it was an interesting take on the character and Jones writes him well. The worst Green Lantern is also here: Guy Gardner. He is as annoying as ever, but Jones handles him well. The two characters are played well off each other.

Pickup Trucks in Space

So, not knowing what happened before Green Lantern #8 did call for a few surprises in the story. Like when Hal tries to bluff charge a monstrous alien, hoping it will think his ring still has powers. His bluff doesn’t quite work, as the alien attacks. But Hal and Guy are saved by a pickup truck full of humans shooting guns at the alien. I was definitely not expecting that to happen. Turns out it’s Hal’s “girlfriend” Rose and she is not happy about her house being destroyed. Also, that truck drives incredibly well to be on another planet.

The end of the issue also makes me want to read more. Spoiler, but our heroes win; but it is time for the Guardians to revamp the Green Lantern Corps, and they will decide between John Stewart, Hal Jordan, and Guy Gardner who will travel the cosmos for new Green Lanterns, who will stay on Oa and help rebuild, and who will be Earth’s Green Lantern.

The ending is also great as Hal finds out who exactly he is as a person, getting older. It is a nice little setup of dialogue that pays off with a fantastic final page.

Green Lanterns Light

The art in Green Lantern #8 is a delight as well. Pat Broderick provides the art (online it says Bruce D. Patterson provides the inks, but it doesn’t have him credited in my physical copy) with Anthony Tollin on colors and Albert De Guzman lettering. The issue starts off with a fantastic full-page shot of Hal Jordan’s face. It is a wonderfully detailed shot, strong shading and thick ink lines. The way the sweat is dripping down his face, how his hair falls over his mask, his thick stubble facial hair—it tells a story of a downtrodden hero wonderfully well.

Again, I love the look of this older Hal Jordan. They give him the Reed Richards gray hairline on the sides of the head, which is a random place, but it looks good. Guy Gardner also has the worst bowl haircut ever (not that there is a good one). The close-up and larger panels are great through the issue. The faces have tons of details and Broderick weaves the story with his art.

The panel structure does involve a lot of those close-ups in the book and it does get a bit monotonous. I would have liked the structure to change up a bit more. The alien monster design is also very boring and bland. I was expecting something much cooler-looking. Besides that, the art is fantastic.

There are some great shots throughout Green Lantern #8. The big splash page of John Stewart breaking his mind control is great. A big shot of Appa Ali Apsa with a shot of his giant head behind him is an amazing shot.

Camper Comics

Green Lantern #8 was not a bad find at all out of my camper comics. It might be the best one! Pretty fun story with some good art; you can’t ask much more from a free comic book. It does still smell a bit, but we will just say that is part of its charm. I actually want to read more from this run now to see what happens, so 3 lantern rings out of 5.

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