Comic Book Characters That Made The Best Games


Comic books have been around decades and decades and they have a loyal army of fans that continue through the generations. The beauty of comic books is that they have spawned some of the world’s most famous characters, be it superheroes or bad guys. These characters have gone on to become household names and it’s no surprise they went on to have TV shows and movies based on them. They also managed to take the gaming world by storm and through games, people enjoyed an even more authentic experience but which characters made the best games?


Batman is a DC Comics superhero who has been around since way back in 1939. He goes around Gotham City, alongside the likes of sidekick Robin and butler Alfred, fighting crime but unlike many superheroes, he doesn’t possess any superpowers. He’s a comic book character that has had many games based on him over the years and these have been spread over every platform imaginable. The pick of the bunch is probably Batman: Arkham Asylum but there is still more Batman gaming content being produced still to this day.


Comic Book Characters That Made The Best Games
The Amazing Spider-Man (Activision)

Spider-Man of Marvel Comics is one of the most recognizable comic book characters of all time. Created in 1962, Spider-Man shot to fame by utilizing his special abilities that include being able to cling to most surfaces, swinging from building to building using web-shooters and by putting his extraordinary Spider-sense to work. As you can probably guess, people wanted to be able to experience Spider-Man and his abilities for themselves and the best way has been through games. Spider-Man games have been around since 1982 and the latest, due to be released this year, could top any we have seen before.


ThunderCats may not be as well-known as some of the other comic book characters in this list but they were extremely popular in their own right. ThunderCats appeared in a limited series of Marvel Comics and these had come about after a very successful TV series. Like the rest, they did have an impact on the gaming industry, this time though on a new platform. ThunderCats were turned into a great slot game by developers Blueprint that has seen it go on to be very popular with players. One only needs to ask members of trusted online casino brands like Unibet, to find out just how beloved the game is. The artwork used in the game is visually stunning and it’s the perfect way for people to experience a bit of nostalgia too.


Comic Book Characters That Made The Best Games
Injustice (Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment)

DC Comics’ Superman is probably the most popular comic book character of all time, as well as being the world’s most famous superhero too. His creation had an unbelievable effect on the world with TV shows and movies quickly being created. People loved seeing Clark Kent change into Superman and then put his range of special abilities to work and there have been plenty of video game titles over the years too which allowed people to really enjoy an authentic Superman experience. He’s also been a big hit in the games which feature an array of characters such as Injustice.

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  • Good article! I remember playing the first couple of Spiderman games on PS1 and PS2 back when they first came out. good memories and helped get me into comic books in the first place. The Batman Arkham series has been consistently interesting in how it uses his rogues gallery and is probably the best series we’ll see in quite some time for him.


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