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Comic Con International: Toy Bin

One of the big draws at Comic-Con International in San Diego is the exclusive merchandise, and a big part of that is the toys. We are all still kids at heart and who doesn’t love a good collectible? Well here’s a round up of some of the toys that were showcased. Maybe you were one of the lucky ones who picked some of these up.

DC ENTERTAINMENT CCI | Even before Comic-Con started, DC Collectibles was showing off a bunch of reveals like the “Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure” blind-box vinyl figures, a Wonder Woman statue based on Jim Lee’s art called The Art of War, Black Canary’s entry in the DC Bombshells line, an “Arrow” 2-pack featuring the Hood and Deathstroke, Greg Capullo-based figures of Batman, Nightwing and Talon from the Designer Series line, a “Suicide Squad” 3-pack featuring Harley Quinn, Deadshot and Captain Boomerang and Batman and Cyborg pieces joining the ranks of the DC Comics Icons line. DCC also posted on their Facebook page an image of their “Batman: Arkham Origins” figures including Joker, Bane, Batman, Black Mask, Deadshot and Deathstroke.


THOR: THE DARK WORLD | If you were over at the Diamond Select Toys booth you might have noticed a brand new Marvel Studios figure on display: Thor from his upcoming film “The Dark World.” If we’re reading the signs correctly, it looks like this Chris Hemsworth-based collectible is available in September in advance of the film’s November 8 release.


THE WALKING DEAD | There was some surprise The Walking Dead news when someone with access to the official “Walking Dead” Instagram account surprised fans when they posted three pictures of what Todd McFarlane’s Facebook page says is a 10-inch deluxe version of Norman Reedus’ Daryl Dixon. The figure goes on sale in November.

MATTYCOLLECTOR CCI | The world of He-Man and his Masters pals continue to grow thanks to a new batch of figures and accessories shown off at Comic-Con. Most exciting to fans is the announcement of a figure called Sky-High — seen only in the background of a promo poster back in the day — who comes with the Jet Sled, also known as the front half of the Battle Ram. Other revealed pieces include a brand new Weapons Pak dubbed End of War that includes a figure of Kowl from “She-Ra” and the fan-requested figure of Geldor from the mini-comic “The Secret Liquid of Life.” Meanwhile, Batman fans got some love in the form of the Epic Creations DC Classic TV Series Batman Utility Belt which is a full size replica that even comes with collapsable Batarang. Finally, check out the LED and sound-enhanced Epic Creations Ghostbusters Neutrino Wand which interacts with previously existing Ghostbusters replicas.


HOT TOYS CCI | Hot Toys came out guns blazing at the Con this year, showing off all kinds of figures based on “Iron Man 3” including Ben Kingsley’s Mandarin as well as a Chitauri warrior from “The Avengers.” Plus, a figure of Johnny Depp’s Tonto from “The Lone Ranger,” Batman and Robin from the 1960s “Batman” TV series and figures based on the Predator and Terminator franchises. We’ll get more details as they come.



NECA CCI | NECA blew a lot of fans away with their huge slate of announcements from the show. They’re getting into the MEGO-ish world of 8-inch, cloth adorned figures, but with a more murderous twist with Freddy and Jason figures, both of which are out in October. They also unveiled a battle damaged version of the 1:4 scale Iron Man figure as he appeared in “The Avengers,” a prop replica of the Grapnel gun seen in “Batman: Arkham Origins,” a facehugger-launching Alien egg replica, the second wave of Alien figures consisting of the 1979 Alien, the “Aliens” warrior and Sgt. Windrix (named after sculptor Kyle Windrix who’s currently battling cancer) and even teased a line of Planet of the Apes figures thanks to their new Twitter avatar. As if all that wasn’t enough, NECA also showed off the second series of “Kick-Ass 2” figures including Colonel Stars & Stripes, Armored Kick-Ass and Unmasked Hit-Girl and also announced that Damaged Gipsy Danger, Leatherhead and Striker Eureka figures make up the second series of “Pacific Rim” toys.



KOTOBUKIYA CONCEPTS | Over on their Facebook page, Kotobukiya debuted a trio of concept art reveals for upcoming pieces. Feast your eyes on the Adi Granov Avengers artwork — featuring Hawkeye, Black Widow, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and Hulk. The art is the basis for an upcoming group of ARTFX+ statues. Meanwhile the Bishoujo line of PVC statues is getting pieces based on Mara Jade of the Star Wars universe and an armored version of Wonder Woman, both designed by Shunya Yamashitav.


| NECA is creating a line of action figures based on the many celebrity guest appearances seen on “The Simpsons.”  The first line features Hugh Hefner, James Brown, Yao Ming, Tom Hanks and Kid Rock and hit stores early next year.


RETRO BATMAN | Figure Toy Company continues to build the world of Batman from the comic books in their line of 8-inch cloth costume action figures designed like the MEGOs of yore. The third wave includes Alfred Pennyworth, Batgirl, Batman and Robin with removable masks! Here’s hoping they make Batmobiles and Batcycles in scale with the figures.


| Over the past few years, Mr. Potato Head has been mash-ed up with plenty of pop culture icons, but this latest one is a real entry in Who’s Who. Why all the puns? Because the Eleventh Doctor Potato Head is called Mash Smith, of course! The spud Time Lord comes with eight different pieces including a Fez!


MOVIE MASTERPIECES | Two incredibly popular comic book films continue to get the Hot Toys treatment thanks to a pair of figures shown off on their Facebook page. Check out their Selina Kyle figure from “The Dark Knight Rises” based on Anne Hathaway’s portrayal of Catwoman, plus the Iron Man Heartbreaker Armor from “Iron Man 3.” The former comes with accessories like her flip-down goggles while the latter has an LED light in the chest.


SIDESHOW STATUES | Sideshow Collectibles did their usual weekly reveals and teases of upcoming products with an eclectic mix of statue offerings in the works. Right now you can pre-order the 27-inch tall Conan the Barbarian: Rage of the Undying piece, the Storm Premium Format Figure (with the sold-out Sideshow exclusive version in white) and the 17-inch tall Knifehead statue from “Pacific Rim.” You can also sign up for updates on a pair of partially revealed DC Comics pieces: the Sinestro Premium Format Figure and the Batman Modern Age Life-Size Bust.


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