Comic Review – 4001 AD: War Mother #1

  • Writer: Fred Van Lente
  • Art: Tomás Giorello
  • Colors: Brian Reber
  • Letters: Dave Sharpe
  • Publisher: Valiant Comics
  • Publication Date: August 3, 2016

In the 41st century, planet Earth has been reduced to an empty post apocalyptic wasteland. Orbiting over Earth is a floating colony known as New Japan that watches on as the world crumbles below. The survivors of this desolate new planet must now endure the hardships of the planet to survive. They designate a warrior that must venture out into the wasteland to gather supplies from the remnants of the old world. The survivors designate War Mother as their savior. Armed with a rifle that has artificial intelligence, War Mother is a one woman army bent on searching for anything of value to her tribe. Spun off from The Book of Death mini series last year by Valiant, (for more on that click here), this new series looks to bring War Mother out from her cameo and into her own action packed debut.

Brief Story Synopsis of 4001 AD: War Mother #1

On a routine expedition to salvage what they can from a large chunk of space debris, War Mother and her sentient rifle Falco, stumble across a child in the debris. This child, and the debris, come from New Japan and in the colony they allow genetic manipulation for a “perfect child.” War Mother realizes she can’t leave the child behind in the wasteland and takes him back with her. But due to the hazards of the wasteland her colony does not allow her to bring the child inside. Only after they force her hand does she and the child re-enter the city. 


 War Mother #1 cover 

The Creative Team

Fred Van Lente does a masterful job at building this post apocalyptic world and the routine lifestyle of these survivors. When it comes to writing War Mother he excels as he puts her in impossible situations in which she escapes and he allows her to flourish as a strong female character. Van Lente is no slouch as he is a New York Times best seller and comes from the world of Valiant having written for their series Timewalker. 

The artist on the title is Tomàs Giorello, a fairly new artist that has quickly made a name for himself after his run on Conan for Dark Horse. Giorello wonderfully captures this world that has become run down with trees growing out of the rubble and perfectly mixes the two. The character design is also intriguing as most of the people in the colony are humans but look very distinct to this world as well as the non human characters. 

The creative team get the ball rolling on this mini series set in the 4001 AD world. For new readers some may find the world building a bit jarring as there is a lot thrown at you but they don’t take away from the overall plot. The art is able to make the characters feel different as opposed to generic and the environments alone are just beautiful to look at. 


Overall this issue was a great set up for more things to come and establishes War Mother as a cool and competent female lead character. 

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