Comic Review – All New All Different Avengers #4

  • Writer: Mark Maid
  • Artist: Mahmud Asrar
  • Colourist: Dave McCaig
  • Letters: VC’s Cory Petit
  • Cover Art: Alex Ross
  • Publisher: Marvel Comics
  • Release Date: January 27th 2015

This batch of the Avengers could be straight out of a soap opera, in the best possible way. We’ve got the young up and comings mixed right in with the veterans and as you’d expect, a whole ton of drama comes along with this particular avengers blend. Refreshingly, the members aren’t all familiar with one another and they’re still dealing with the fact they’re not vastly wealthy. Jarvis even comes back this issue and he’s even less reluctant to deal with the many changes for the avengers, in a mostly comical way.

One of the best things when it comes to comics is when the writer is passionate about making their comic the best it can be. Waid is definitely a writer that fulfills this, he quickly moves the plot of the issue along from the return of Jarvis and his sass (it’s always fun when he sasses out Tony), to them moving to deal with a hurricane. That’s actually due to the villain Cyclone who’s working under the orders of the mysterious Dynasty. Whoever that is or they are. From here we get to see more of the Vision being creepy since he erased his memories, the continuing plot thread of Ms Marvel hating Nova despite his best intentions to make her realise he isn’t a jerk and most importantly we get a real glimpse into Thor in this title.


The way Waid writes Thor is incredibly different to the way she’s written in her own title. However, the characterisation in this issue isn’t bad it just explores a different aspect of who she is. The way Waid writes her is a lot more reckless, with her doing whatever she wants when she wants, hence the kiss moment between her and Cap. She is attracted to him but the moment is more about her reckless joy at being a super hero and not having to deal with the cancer that might well kill her than anything else, so it’s a surprisingly deep moment.

Asrar art is largely grounded with the characters he has to work with. Each character gets their own unique look. For instance, the Vision is made even creepier under the pencil of Asrar, blending well with the writing work of Waid to create a Vision that the reader may just have to worry about. It’s also great how he shows the difference between the younger and older avengers, Ms Marvel, Nova and Spider Man are all shown to be incredibly short under Asrar. Ms Marvel in particular seems even more fresh-faced than in her own title, lending to the air of excitement she has to even be the Avengers team and working with so many heroes she admires, and some she doesn’t. However in some moments his facial expression work could really use some work. The victims of the hurricanes expressions are quite off and Ms Marvel sometimes looks more eye poppingly terrified of things than excited by them.

When it comes to reinvigorating the Avengers, the All New All Different Avengers does it in spades. The characters are still learning how to be a proper team but all the drama that seems to surround them just makes the title more fun. Not to mention the fact that they now suspect the new Thor means they could find out just who she is. Which would definitely make things more interesting!

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