Comic Review – Amazing Spider-Man, Renew Your Vows #1

  • Writer: Dan Slott
  • Artist: Adam Kubert
  • Colourist:Justin Ponsor
  • Inks: John Dell
  • Letters: VC’s Joe Caramagna
  • Cover: Adam Kubert and Justin Ponsor


Slott sums it up best in the opening line of the comic: “In a perfect world, this was how it was always meant to be.” Renew Your Vows does what many wish Marvel would do outright, it undoes the mess One More Day made, and allows Peter and MJ a chance at the marriage that could have been, as well as the daughter that they could have had.

exclusive-spider-man-02The opening of the comic is a strong sucker punch and the story continues in that vein. Slott uses a domestic scene of the family breakfast where Mary-Jane and Peter talk about his Spidey exploits as well as them speculating on the mystery of what might have happened to the other heroes.  We even get a side funny moment when Peter thinks that a web diaper could have ever of been a good idea. From there, the story briskly moves on to explaining why other heroes have dissipated.  Then, Spider- Man must make the choice between his part in the Secret Wars Avengers and his family. Slott manages to deliver several more surprise hits through the issue, to the point where you may actually be a little breathless just reading it.

Kubert’s art is fantastic for the majority of the issue. The action scenes of the comic have a real sense of urgency that reflect the situation of the fights brilliantly. His rendition of the villainous Venom is a highlight, as it’s everything the evil venom should be: Huge, terrifying and most important of all, just plain disgusting. However, there are some issues with Kubert’s work. For instance, the art of the more social scenes often seem rushed, and the way that he gives every character bug eyes remains alarming.

Overall, Renew Your Vows is the perfect bittersweet reminder of why comic characters should be allowed families, and also why they shouldn’t.  Although the latter may fall more with Slott’s opinion. Peter’s ultimate decision is understandable, but seems to support the idea that One More Day should have happened.

This aspect of Secret Wars gives a taste of something that should be comic canon.  Unfortunately, this is unlikely to be one of the changes that will stick from Secret Wars, but being able to see Peter and MJ happy with a child in a comic at all is practically a miracle.

(Writer’s note: if you want to add to the angst of the issue you can always listen to Adele. We all know which song I mean.)

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