Comic Review- Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #3

  • Writer: Dan Slott
  • Artist: Adam Kubert
  • Inker(S): John Dell, Andrew Hennessey & Mark Morales
  • Colourist: Justin Ponsor
  • Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna
  • Cover Artist(S); Adam Kubert & Justin Ponsor
  • Release Date: 5th August 2015

This issue of Renew Your Vows is surprisingly dark, for a series that seemed like it would be mostly MJ and Peter taking care of their kid.  It turns out, this is mostly about MJ and Pete having protecting their daughter from the evil Regent, who wants to take all the powers left in this particular zone of Battleworld.

The writing for this issue is the best so far. Spider-Man will stop at nothing to protect his family and the results are a far more brutal Spidey who fully incapacitates Doc Ock. We also get to see some of Peter and MJ’s history as MJ tells their daughter about some of Peters old heroics (Leaving out all of the darker parts of their history of course, you don’t tell an eight year old about  Gwen Stacy’s death). At the end of the issue were left with the big cliff hanger of someone kidnapping MJ and Annie May. Although this mystery may seem obvious to the reader,  the next issue is sure to deal with Pete trying to figure out who took his wife and child.

The art for this issue is quite good. I’m still not a fan of Kubert’s over-exaggerated house style, but for the context of this issue it actually works particularly well with the writing. His strengths lay heavily in the action sequences, he makes the black costumed Spidey look genuinely furious with Ock.  The scene where Spider-Man takes Ock down is deliciously dark, even if it is shown just through a set of shadows.

This issue is a dark treat in what you would expect to be a sweet story line. Despite the darkness, it still captures the spirit of Spider-Man and delivers a comic that’s truly worth the money.

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