Comic Review – Amazing X-Men #11

Amazing X-Men #11

  • Story:  Craig Kyle & Chris Yost
  • Art:  Carlo Barberi, Walden Wong, Marc Deering & Juan Vlasco
  • Colors:  Rachelle Rosenberg
  • Letterer:  Joe Caramagna
  • Cover Art:  Carlo Barberi & Rachelle Rosenberg


I have to admit, once again, that I have fallen behind on Amazing X-Men.  I am quite literally joining this fight in the middle of the battle, but what a battle it is.  Being the only X-Men I am currently reading, and partly due to the fact that it brought about the return of Nightcrawler, I have enjoyed what I have read thus far.  This issue was no exception.  As a reviewer, I have always found it difficult but yet satisfying to pick up a book in the middle of everything and base my opinion solely on THAT issue.  So often are we influenced by a story line or other factors that we aren’t always fully objective.  That being said, I will move on to my thoughts on Amazing X-Men #11.

This issue continues World War Wendigo and just as things seem to be coming under control, everything falls apart.  With the added help of Alpha Flight and Avengers, the X-Men are trying to save a small town from a curse that has turned nearly the entire population and Wolverine into mindless beasts.  As the teams split up to try to divert catastrophe, Storm’s team ventures into the spirit realm to find the cause of the curse.  Things really begin to heat up as they discover who’s responsible.

I must say that I enjoyed this issue.  It wasn’t a standout by any means, but it was a good and fun read.  As I mentioned before, I haven’t been subjected to other issues of this story arc so I find the events interesting.  Northstar and Iceman were truly the standouts in this issue.  Between Bobby’s parental issues with the Shilohs and then Northstar’s banter with his sister, they alone make this issue worth reading.  Aurora also has a lot of brilliantly crabby dialogue and that’s pretty much where this issue stands.  Not enough Nightcrawler or Colossus for my taste, but you know how comics are a lot of give and take.


Man willingly destroys the world that mistakenly birthed it.  But fights against all others that would see that world restored.  You would rather live in a grave dug by your own hands than allow the “lesser” creatures to have a true chance at survival.


Craig Kyle and Chris Yost do a lot with the dialogue (as I mentioned above) but there are often times that I got confused about who was saying or doing what.  I attributed some of it to my having not read previous issues, but still I had to re-read certain panels to figure things out.  I can’t shake the notion that it wasn’t entirely my lack of familiarity of this arc.  Nonetheless, dialogue more than anything give this issue solid marks in my book.  The artwork by Carlo Barberi, Walden Wong, Marc Deering and Juan Vlasco, was great…nothing to write home about as I found some panels a bit cluttered.

All-in-all, a great X-Men experience but nothing spectacular of note.  Fans who aren’t familiar with the series should try to go back at least three issues to the beginning of this story arc because I would not recommend this issue as a jumping on point.

Amazing X-Men #11 Amazing X-Men #11



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