Comic Review – Batgirl #42

  • Writers: Cameron Stewart & Brenden Fletcher
  • Artist: Babs Tarr
  • Colours: Serge Lapointe
  • Published by: DC Comics
  • Release Date: July 29th 2015

I haven’t seen enough of Livewire recently to say whether or not I like her, I mean, the use of electrokinesis is awesome, but I have no feelings towards Livewire whatsoever… or at least I didn’t. She has so much potential as a bad guy, this cover makes me excited to see what mischief she can cause, and as per usual, Cameron Stewart does a wonderful job of bringing the beloved characters to life. Congrats to him for creating such a beautifully illustrated, and even though he hasn’t provided the artwork inside this comic, it makes me apprehensive to see just what the inside looks like, and what battles Batgirl has on her hands.


Batgirl #42 pic 1

I can’t express to you how much I love the work Babs Tarr does. Month after month I see her name on the cover, and know without even opening the issue, that we are going to be presented an artistic masterpiece. This time was no different. The attention to detail she puts into every page is astounding; the character’s movements are spot on, no two people look the same (which has been a big thing I’ve noticed over the years that a lot of comic book artists have done), and the facial expressions are the most detailed I’ve ever seen in a comic book. Tarr really is amazing. Barbara may come off as a naïve young girl some of the time, but Batgirl is ever the experienced professional. It’s fantastic to see just how different Tarr can make Barbara and Batgirl act, considering they’re very much the same person. Tarr deserves so much praise for her work on this, I’m not sure how to give it to her other than by saying thank you for consistently presenting us with amazing artwork.



Now, onto the storyline. Stewart and Fletcher are known (to me especially) for creating great storylines, and as much as it pains me to say it, I’m just not feeling it with this one. Don’t get me wrong, the story is well written; it’s got the regular amount of witty dialogue, fast paced action, and enough intrigue to keep you reading. It just feels really rushed to me, like they’re trying to focus so much on Barbara, at the expense of the fantastic teamwork that has previously been proven to be successful no only between Batgirl and Batman, but Barbara and her dad. Livewire could have been such a bigger problem for Burnside as a whole, but her storyline was crammed into such a limited amount of pages, it doesn’t leave you enough time to decide whether her inclusion was really worth it at all. Yes, Batgirl got to show off her skills and put the newest Batman in his place, but really, Livewire could have been handled by Batman and a few GCPD officers; she really wasn’t that much of a challenge at all. It just seems to be a really pointless addition to such a promising series.


Batgirl #42 pic 2

Overall, the artwork ruled (as per usual), but the writing seriously let this one down. Every writer (or writers in this case), is entitled to a few bad issues, I’m going to say this is one of Stewart and Fletcher’s. I really hope the next issue will be better. But in any case, Babs Tarr seriously rocked with her artwork, so if there was an excuse to read this one, it would be to see the amazing pieces of art Tarr has created.

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