Comic Review – Batgirl #45

  • Writers: Brenden Fletcher and Cameron Stewart
  • Artist: Babs Tarr
  • Colors: Seirge Lapointe
  • Letters: Steve Wands
  • Cover Art: Babs Tarr
  • Publisher: DC Comics
  • Release Date: October 28th, 2015

Batgirl is a super fun comic, but this time round it hits a new level and heads straight for adorable yet it’s also bittersweet. Though what else can we expect in an issue that features both a marriage and the return of Dick Grayson to the life of Batgirl? The former Robin and Babs always manage to have that star-crossed feeling going on no matter what and on the day of a wedding it was always bound to be a more painful reunion. 

Batgirl #45 cover by Babs Tarr

This is the time where Fletcher and Stewart prove they get it. Babs is every bit the Batgirl we all know and love in this issue, we have her so organized she may as well be omniscient about anything that could go wrong with the wedding, we have her angry and passionate by degrees but best of all we have her self-assured. Despite their very clear history and the flashbacks to her and Dick, she isn’t fully willing to forgive, and it wouldn’t make sense for her to either. The writers manage to craft the tragedy between them beautifully, you can tell the love is still very much there but despite this they bring it crashing back down reminding Barbara and the reader that her and the former boy wonder can’t be together for a whole host of good reasons. The writing team also manages to pull back from the Dick/Babs drama and still deliver a truly touching wedding between Alysia and Jo who as a reader you can’t possibly be happier for.

For such a cute issue the normally wonderful art of Tarr somehow manages to become even better. Her style in itself is very cutesy to begin with but with an issue about a happy wedding day she shines like never before. Her rendering of the reveal of Alysia in her dress may be the best moment of all. Not only does she (once again) display her wonderful sense of style for the characters, she makes the moment a breathtaking reveal, with Alysia literally having a glow about her on the large part of the page she is shown on. The fans all know of Tarr’s talent for drawing hot men extremely well in addition to her other talents, and it’s one she seems to relish in with her rendition of Grayson. It’s no wonder he and Babs almost kiss, her Grayson has a jaw line that could cut glass and a hip-to-waist ratio that even Chris Evans would find enviable, not to get too hung up on it of course, but her work here definitely does deserve major points for appealing to the audience.

This issue may just be one of the best issues of the comic so far. Babs is normally so bogged down with the villains that it’s nice to see an issue almost fully devoted to happiness for a change, even her burgeoning relationship with Luke Fox which seemed rushed last issue seems to make a lot more sense in this issue as they seem to click much better this time round, and the return of Dinah in this issue really doesn’t hurt any either! Any fan of this iteration of the book will be eagerly looking forward to the next issue after how great this one is, Plus Babs and Spoiler are set to team up in the next issue, which is a huge draw on its own!


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