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  • Battlestar Galactica Vol. 3 #1
  • Story – Cullen Bunn
  • Art – Alex Sanchez and Daniela Miwa
  • Letters – Sal Cipriano
  • Cover Art – Alex Sanchez
  • Publisher – Dynamite Entertainment
  • Release Date – August 3, 2016


Battlestar Galactica Returns to Dynamite

Dynamite Entertainment once again tries its hand at bringing the classic Battlestar Galactica back to comics.  This time with Cullen Bunn at the helm can this third volume of BSG make it?  The rag tag fugitive fleet led by the last surviving Battlestar encounters a strange black hole.  With no way to escape the incredible gravitational forces, Commander Adama orders the fleet ahead and into the black hole.  They barely escape and the fleet is torn asunder and Adama is gravely wounded.  With the Cylons hot on their tale, can the last surviving members of the human race find a way out of the black hole before they are found?

Battlestar Galactica 2016-01-Cov-A-Sanchez
Battlestar Galactica Vol. 3 #1 Cover A by Alex Sanchez

Cullen Bunn does an adequate job at penning this first issue.  I’ve read better things from him in the past, so maybe this is just a one-off occasion.  That’s not to say that this issue was without merits.  Bunn was successful in capturing the feel of the original characters while avoiding the bad 70s cliches and ridiculous dialogue.  All of the classic characters you know and love are pretty much all present in this first issue.  The one aspect that struck a familiar and unwelcome tone was the similarities to the classic Battlestar Galactica episodes Fire In Space and Lost Planet of the Gods with just enough original story line added in to make it passable.  However, mentions of previous episodes of the original television series were useful to jog the memories of fans and give new readers a reference to look back to.  This was a quick and hurried read which made it difficult to grasps at points where the panels and story felt rushed.

The thing about this issue that made things the most difficult was the artwork by Alex Sanchez and Daniela Miwa.  It was very washed out and looked sloppy, making the characters hardly recognizable and exterior scenes muddled and disconnected.  The one saving grace was the lettering by Sal Cipriano.  Letters were brilliantly done and well ordered making this rather dis-conjoined issue easier to digest.

In the end this did not put me off completely on this new volume of Battlestar Galactica.  As a fan I remain intrigued by these characters and their stories. It is nice that Cullen Bunn did a nice job treating the characters and franchise with an amount of respect.  It just would have been nice to have a truly fresh story without so many recollections from past episodes.  I am a fan of Bunn’s work, but this isn’t going to be an issue he’s remembered for.  This issue is just good enough to get you coming back for at least issue two.  That second issue has a lot riding on it if Dynamite plans on making this series a hit.

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