Comic Review- Black Canary #3

  • Writer: Brenden Fletcher
  • Artist: Annie Wu
  • Colours: Lee Loughridge
  • Letters: Steve Wands
  • Cover: Annie Wu
  • Publisher: DC Comics
  • Release Date: 19th August 2015

 The new Black Canary series really knows how to do a slow build. Dinah is as bad ass and fierce as ever with her and the band continuing on their tour and continuing to be hunted due to the mysterious Ditto. They just go to show that fame isn’t just fickle, but when you’ve got a superhero martial artist as a lead singer it can also be damn near deadly.

The writing for this issue may be the best of the series so far as it ups the ante from some of the mysteries laid out from the first issue. We get some more info on Ditto, some awkward moments between Dinah and her ex, which even has some jokes about whether or not they’re still married, which is incredibly self aware. Even the background character who isn’t that interesting (Paloma) gets her own moment and becomes a more interesting character as a result. Dinah isn’t just all rage, she cares about the others too. Fletcher also continues the trend he and Wu have set of using Burnside Tofu, however this time it’s used far more cleverly. The bit of Burnside Tofu talks about the record label and gives us some mystery about just why they did pick up Dinah and are willing to pay out so much to a very new band.

Wu’s art remains as angry and edgy as the main character that she focuses on. The only real complaint about her art in this issue would be that you can tell she has been rushed in some instances, such as a few moments where Dinah’s face is blurry and rough. However, in this same issue we also get a very cool display of flashing between the band in concert and the band in combat where we see Dinah violently on stage and a panel or so later the past where she’s beating up government thugs. This transition is made far easier by the great use of Loughridges colours  to contrast during the show and the fight on the road that happened before hand.

Overall Black Canary #3 may not be everybody’s cup of tea, this version of Black Canary is incredibly different to the one that was so popular in DC before. It’s understandable that it’s hard for old Black Canary fans, but this Black Canary is great in her own way and it’s just plain brilliant to have a Black Canary ongoing where she’s got her own cute cast and where her life isn’t all caught up in Ollies. Plus we get a cliff hanger at the end of the issue that really is a clincher to the potential of the series as it really is a doozy!

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