Comic Review – Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps #1

  • Writers: Kelly Sue Deconnick and Kelly Thompson
  • Artist:David Lopez
  • Cover: David Lopez
  • Letters:VC’s Joe Caramagna
  • Publisher:Marvel Comics
  • Release date: 10th June 2015

Captain Marvel just on her own is a gift. Captain Marvel in charge of her own all female banshee squadron and penned by Kelly(S) Deconnick and Thompson may as well be a religious experience.

From the get go Thompson and Deconnick give us a bad ass Battleworld full of cool planes and even cooler women. The scene of the Carol Corps/Banshee Squadron works excellently as an intro to both the area of Battleworld that Cap and the others inhabit and a good way to introduce the members of the Corps and the relationship that they have with Carol. From there, the writers manage to balance the mystery of Battleworld, Carol and the squadron’s determination to find out what’s going on, and even a few really cool cameos of other characters from the main Captain Marvel series.

Lopez being on both the main Captain Marvel series and the mini for battleworld remains a match made in heaven with the writing. He has many times to shine throughout the issue, but his work in the quiet largely conversational parts of the comics remains hCaptain_Marvel_and_the_Carol_Corps_1_Preview_3is best. Unlike many comic artists Lopez has a great range of facial expressions and character styles with every character looking distinct and appropriate for all of the scenes of the comic.

Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps is not the best comic of Secret Wars, but it’s pretty darn close.  Carol is always very much a fascinating character, but Carol leading a team of dynamic female characters feels like a dream that has come true despite all odds.  Although this won’t be one of the comics carrying over into the new MU, it’s a brilliant Secret Wars story that leaves the reader eager for the following issues of this mini. It’s a great read with very little holding it down, and thankfully it doesn’t get overly caught up in the larger story line of the main Secret Wars.

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