Comic Review – Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps #4

  • Writers: Kelly Sue DeConnick and Kelly Thompson
  • Artists: Laura Braga and Paolo Pantalena
  • Colours: Lee Loughridge
  • Letters: VC’s Joe Caramagna
  • Cover: David Lopez
  • Release Date: 23rd September 2015
  • Publisher: Marvel Comics

The curtain finally closes on DeConnick’s run of Captain Marvel with this issue and as expected her and Thompson send Carol and the Banshee Squadron out with a bang not a whimper, although it is an emotional issue so there may be some whimpering to be had from the real life Carol Corps when they read it, as not only is DeConnick gone after this issue, but so much of her run seems to be fading along with it, as both Helen Cobb and Tracy were did before this mini series and will be again now after it.

Captain Marvel and Carol Corps #4 cover by David Lopez

The writing for this issue may be some of the best work that both DeConnick and Thompson have ever done. Carol’s Secret Wars title ends long before that of the actual event, but the writers end it in a way that’s equal parts happy ending, sadness and a sense of expectation for what’s to come, which any great comic needs to have. In this issue you can really tell that DeConnick and Thompson were utterly determined to make it the best issue they possibly could, and certainly the best issue of Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps by far. The issue is deliciously action heavy and heart wrenching as Cap and her Banshee Squadron take on the forces of the Thors which include Carol’s old mentee Kit (LT Trouble) as one of the Thors who is supposed to stop her and her team from defying the law of god Doom. Aside from this we get some other small exchanges that remind the reader of how things were before Secret Wars, and how they really still should be, which makes the issue that tiny bit more poignant. 

The art for this final issue is oddly not handled by Lopez. Which is really a foible of an issue as the artists for this final issue are more than capable, but it is certainly strange seeing the style suddenly change when it’s the last issue of this mini. However Braga and Pantalena bring an energy of their own to this concluding issue and while it may be highly different to that of Lopez, in a majority of ways it is, thankfully, just as good as his. What’s interesting about the art style of Braga and Pantalena is that they really know how to show off the anger and cockiness that is a big part of who Carol is as a character; she’s practically brimming with purpose in this issue and looks ready to stop anyone who gets in her way. What’s less good is the way that Carol’s head is sometimes severely rectangular under the pencils of these artists, which makes it slightly harder to take the comic seriously at times, which is a real pity considering it’s the end of not only this mini series, but DeConnick’s run and therefore also a significant chapter of Captain Marvel’s life.

It’s almost the perfect ending to everything that is Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps and Captain Marvel as we get to see Carol in her element, flying and most unusually she seems to be happy, which any member of the Carol Corps will be emotional to see as it seems like even if it is briefly, Carol is getting somewhat of a happy ending.


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