Comic Review – Convergence #8

  • Writers: Jeff King and Scott Lobdell
  • Pencils: Stephen Segovia, Carlo Pagulayan, Eduardo Pansica, and Ethan Van Sciver
  • Inks: Jason Paz, Scott Hanna, Trevor Scott, Stephen Segovia, and Ethan Van Sciver
  • Colors: Peter Steigerwald
  • Letters: Travis Lanham
  • Publisher: DC Comics
  • Release Date: 5/27/15

Convergence finally concludes this week as the multiverse spanning event comes to a close. To quote a line from a show written by the legendary Jerry Herman, it’s time for all the pieces that have flown apart to be put back together again. Given the massive fight in last week’s issue, does Convergence stick the landing and leave us with a happy tune in our hearts? Or does the melody fall flat?

Convergence 8 cover



Parallax’s killing of Deimos in the previous issue has created a major problem: it has destabilized the planet all the action has been on, and given the amount of time traveler energy Deimos absorbed, the explosion that could erupt would destroy all of reality. The arrival of three time travelers (for that story, see the Booster Gold tie in) signals an answer to their problem, one the heroes do not like: free Brainiac. When freed, they find this Brainiac is far more sympathetic to their problem as he has witnessed every crisis that has ever happened in DC Comics history, even being inflicted with a type of space-time cancer due to his constant exposure. His solution to the issue: reset the multiverse. To do that, he needs to change the outcome of one of the most famous storylines of all time, and sends heroes to do so. Will they succeed?!

Well, if you’ve have been away from social media this week, this might answer your question.

Convergence 8 interiorKing and Lobdell do an excellent job of giving this event a valedictory feel. It ties up neatly, with a conclusion that not only works brilliantly, it opens up numerous possibilities for story telling. It also gives us a fond farewell to Post Crisis Superman and Lois Lane, as they and their child prepare to lay their lives down for the better good. However, it feels a tad rushed, with numerous splash pages without dialogue, as if they were running out of pages. This is counterbalanced by a brilliant solution to the overall situation, and gives us hope for our favorite characters. King and Lobdell also weave in every crisis, and The Multiversity, into a massive timeline tapestry, complementing Justice League #40’s reveal that every DC story is, in its way, canonical. It’s not so much “good bye” as it is “until we meet again”.

With this many artists, you’d worry that there would be an extreme clash of styles, but everyone’s styles mesh wonderfully. The characters are well drawn, with some muddled faces here and there, and have wonderful expressions. The dynamic action, what little there is, is also well done. The problem is there is a lot more talking and showing versus actual action, often with sparse backgrounds. It’s not the best way to show off the artists’ talents, even if they did a good job. Steigerwald’s colors helps unify everyone’s pencils and inks, and gives us a technicolor finale that is full of crackling energy…even if most of that is in the background.

So, the pieces have come back together again, and a brand new multiverse of stories is upon us. The good guys win, and sail off toward tomorrow. Survivors of a dead planet makes a new garden grow on new soil. Infinite possibilities are open to both readers and writers.

That reminds me of another tune by Jerry Herman as I see Convergence conclude in the way many didn’t expect: A Happy Ending.


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