Comic Review – Darth Vader #1

  • Writer: Keiron Gillen
  • Art: Salvador Larroca
  • Colorist: Edgar Delgado
  • Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna
  • Cover Art: Adi Granov
  • Release Date: February 11, 2015


I think I was the only person in the comics journalism pool who wasn’t excited about Marvel taking back the Star Wars franchise from Dark Horse.  Dark Horse had really found its voice with Star Wars and had produced a lot of great content spanning the entire Star Wars universe.  Now all of that is wiped clean as Marvel reclaims a galaxy far, far away.  No matter though; like with most things, I just roll with the punches and try to cover things as fairly as I can.  With that said, I wasn’t at all blown away by Marvel’s Star Wars #1.  I felt it was lacking in a lot of respects and I knew it would probably take time for this iteration of Star Wars to get off the ground.  I had high hopes for Darth Vader #1 and I am happy to report that I was not let down.

DARTH VADER #1The continuity of this series is so far running about parallel with the main series.  I feel it worked to the advantage of Darth Vader #1 because you get to see the events from the opposite point of view, in this case the Galactic Empire.  After only a few months after the destruction of the Death Star and the subsequent destruction of the Empire’s advanced weapons factory, it isn’t a great time to be Darth Vader.  With the Emperor placing the blame squarely on Vader’s shoulders, he must act fast to re-ingratiate himself to his master.  Can Vader discover the Emperor’s hidden agenda while keeping his own a secret?

Keiron Gillen was the perfect choice to pen this series and I love what he’s done with this issue.  The dialogue does come off as a bit wordy at times; I never imagined Darth Vader being especially wordy.  Particularly the scenes with Emperor Palpatine–although well written–contain a bit too much verbally between the two.  Other than that minor (and somewhat nitpicky) detail, I really loved this book.  Vader’s dealing with Jabba the Hutt feels like a deleted scene taken directly from a Star Wars movie.

With brilliantly sharp and colorful artwork by Salvador Larroca and Edgar Delgado to bring Gillen’s writing to life, this first issue if not the entire story arc should find a spot in the best of 2015’s offerings.  There is no denying the fact that Darth Vader is THE biggest bad-ass in the galaxy with the power to back it up and I sincerely hope that this series will live up to the heritage and quality which it draws from.

Darth Vader #1


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