Comic Review – Earth 2 Society #8

  • Writer: Dan Abnett
  • Artist: Jorge Jimenez
  • Colourist: Alejandro Sanchez
  • Letters: Travis Lanham
  • Cover Art: Jorge Jimenez and Alejandro Sanchez
  • Publisher: DC Comics
  • Release Date: January 13th 2015

This issue makes it clear that it’s called Earth Society for a reason. Instead of having most of the heroes gathered round one event, like it has been so far, this time we get a rotation of the heroes of Earth 2. Which depending on how much you like seeing multiple character perspectives in one issue, is either a big pro or a big con for the readership. Either way this time around, the society seems to be mostly filler, with more plot seeds being planted for the next time round than much of anything happening.

EARTH 2 SOCIETY #8 Cover by Jorge Jimenez
EARTH 2 SOCIETY #8 Cover by Jorge Jimenez

The style of writing for this series can be really inconsistent. One second we have heavy action with DC’s only current Hawkgirl (for some reason she only exists on Earth 2) fighting against a people that were assumed to be dead, and who have definitely had an upgrade. To having a literal Earth 2 Society or perhaps the better word is council talking over the issues that still face them on their new world, which seem to get larger and larger all the time. Although it’s good that this comic is packed, at times it feels like Abnett could use a little more finesse. The comic seems to jar from different perspectives, you’ll find yourself getting interested and then suddenly it’ll switch to a much duller scene. Which is just the price that sometimes comes with rotating perspectives, and one that he’s definitely paid in this issue. But on the bright side the plot he’s laid down for Hawkgirl, who’s still on a walk about, looks to be a very interesting one for the series moving forward!

The art style may be best described as spindly. The proportions of all the characters are quite streamlined, which can have the unfortunate side effect of making them appear to be unable to balance their own weight.  Despite this if you can find yourself able to move back some of the stylistic choices of proportions and in some cases lining then the art is past run of the mill good. Jimenez does some really great work in the issue, when it comes to the now god-like Green Lantern he brings his A-game showing how Green Lantern is now the a towering force of power, sometimes quite literally in this issue. He also seems to of really dove into the Earth 2 version of Hawkgirl. The beginning of the comic is met with pages of her flying around doing reconnaissance which on a different artist may be a fairly dull affair, but he brings a great amount of life to Kendra in this scene as she aerodynamically soars her way into new discoveries, but also retains a sense of grace in her flight, as if it’s become increasingly effortless to her in her 48 days of solitude just to let go and fly.

Earth Society 2 #8 is not without it’s problems. The series as a whole never seems to manage the job of fully drawing you in. The issue ends on a rather large cliff hanger but for the most part the rest of the issue is boring. The creative team still doesn’t seem to of decided what they want this comic to be. Until they figure it out the series is likely going to be one of those that people consider buying but never actually do.

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