Comic review- Exit Generation #2

  • Writer: Sam Read
  • Artist: Caio Oliveira
  • Colourist: Marrisa Louise
  • Letters: Colin Bell
  • Cover: Ramon Villalobos and Marrisa Louise
  • Publisher: Comix Tribe
  • Release Date: 28th October 2015

 This issue of Exit Generation follows the protagonists of the first issue on a quest to get to space and save their family from some evil cannibalistic aliens who got bored with eating each other and now wish to sample the human race. This indie comic is the 2nd of four from Comix Tribe and is a fun read in most places, although in the other places you can feel a little bored since there isn’t a high level of action going on.

Exit Generation #2 cover art by Ramon Villalobos and Marrisa Louise

The writing for this issue is done by Read, who’s a very indie writer, for a very indie comic. He introduces us to some more new characters in this issue in a format that feels almost video game esque, as the two main characters offer to trade goods to the new characters to secure their help with the quest. It’s interesting that despite this only being the second issue he manages to craft a bunch of fairly interesting characters, from the rag-tag group of people (two of whom are new, yet still manage to be cool despite this) who hope they’ll be able to save the other people of their planet when they eventually get into space, to the oddly sweet alien who functions as a moral objection to the eating of people (from any planet) and as a result is the only vegetarian of the species, which is also quite a nice comic touch.

The interesting thing about the art of the issue is that it has an almost Frank Quitely feel to it, which is one of those things that depending on where you stand on his artwork is either quite good or quite bad. In the case of this issue it does seem to be quite a good thing though. Oliveria is a burgeoning artist whose style seems to be somewhat inspired by Quitely, but differs enough to have his own signature look going on. His character rendering is generally good. Everyone has their own unique look and energy in this issue, but some of the expressions for the characters at times can be quite bizarre, which sadly takes away from the experience of the comic considerably at some moments, as it’s hard to root for characters that every now and then look more like the aliens of the issue than the heroes.

It’s a shame how rough a deal indie comics get most of the time, as often some of the best comics are from small publishers such as this one. This is a limited series that isn’t afraid to try something new and push the envelope a little. Despite the fact that there are some faltering moments in the issue, such as the build up at times feeling like it’s almost a little overdone, the comic overall ends up as a fun read that you are unlikely to get from one of the large comic publishers. The creative team behind this comic clearly all have bright careers ahead of them. They’re determined to bring their “A” game to a small limited series such as this one, so one can only imagine what they’ll all do when they move onto bigger things!

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