Comic Review – Feathers #2

  • Story: Jorge Corona
  • Art: Jorge Corona
  • Cover: Jorge Corona
  • Publisher: BOOM! StudiosPoe's a bit confused

Poe and Bianca get to know each other a bit more in this issue of Feathers. This month, the princess educates the young boy covered in black feathers about a winged deity.  In return, he tells her of a mysterious figure known as the Ghost. It doesn’t take long before the two find a young thief being tormented in a cage, and with some prodding from his new pal, Poe and Bianca enact a plan to set him loose. They quickly add a third to their band after this daring rescue, and proceed to get to know the little Mouse when the Poe’s least favorite person comes to find him. What will this mean for the feather-covered boy? You’ll just have to pick up issue three to find out.
We got a deeper look at the Mice this go around: They’re orphaned, child thieves of the Maze.  While Poe and Bianca “save” one of the Mice from his punishment, we later find out that it was punishment for his lack of thieving skills and not just some kind of torture. This is an all-ages book after all; no Games of Thrones-style bloodletting to be found here. The Mice look to play a key role, since they have not only taken up a decent amount of page space in both issues, but their leader has also shown up in each book so far. I’m interested to see what happens when Poe and Bianca eventually meet up with the young criminal boss.

Along with information about the Mice from Poe, Bianca gives us some world building in the form of the Holy Mother, in the walled city known as the GSir, yes sir.uide. What was most intriguing about our Holy Mother is that she appears to be covered in white feathers.  We can assume why that would interest a little boy whose own body is covered in pitch-black plumage. I have little doubt this Guide is one of the narrators from the first issue, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

This second issue is a fun, informative one that is made even more enjoyable by Corona’s whimsical art style and experimental page layouts. In this issue, he weaves panels of a tour of the city together with the characters breaking through the boxes.  It adds an air of playfulness without breaking the flow or atmosphere. I have no doubt Corona will get more daring as the issues go, and I can’t wait to see what he tries next.

Feathers continues to be an adventure-filled romp that isn’t afraid to change up its visual dynamic. Issue two adds more backstory, growing character dynamics, and gives us more  of its primary theme: the strength and power of friendship. Fun for the whole fantasy-loving family, you should get your talons into this one as soon as you can!

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