Comic Review – Futures End Sinestro #1

  • Futures End Sinestro #1Story:  Cullen Bunn
  • Art:  Igor Lima, Ruy Jose
  • Colors:  Jason Wright
  • Letterer:  Dave Sharpe
  • Cover Art:  Kevin Nowlan


I was not expecting much from this Futures End title.  To be honest, most of them have left me with a sense of something lacking that I still haven’t been able to put my finger on.  As I continue to work my way through Futures End, this has not been the glorious journey I hoped it would be.  That is until Futures End Sinestro.  If you’ve followed Word of the Nerd for very long, you may know I am a Lantern junkie.  I love Green Lantern and the associated titles.  Sinestro is a particular favorite of mine, so I was rather eager to read this one.  Without much to hope for, I was pleasantly surprised.

Sinestro has been locked away in the most high security prison in the known galaxy, Tartaros.  As he lives out his days a hopeless and nameless inmate, all he can do is lament the mistakes of the past.  But the mighty Sinestro isn’t given to such hopelessness easily and the master of fear plans his escape and the revival of his beloved corps.

That brief synopsis really doesn’t do this issue justice.  As one of my favorite villains in the DC Universe, I knew that no prison, no fate, no circumstance can keep Sinestro from his path.  This issue really shows how focused on his goals Sinestro is.  To say the man has a work ethic really can’t describe it.  Cullen Bunn does a superb job in this telling of Sinestro’s not-to distant future.  The plot is intricate and left me guessing until the end.  The artwork is a bit muddled at times, but the payoff is the spectacular final page that I won’t even dare spoil for you.


How many times have I courted rebirth?  How often have I raised my corps from ruin and ash?  The answer is simple.  As often as I deem necessary.


That passage alone speaks volumes as to the character Sinestro has become.  As it stands on its own, Futures End Sinestro is amazing.  How it fits into the entire Futures End story line I cannot say now, but it is an enjoyable read if you are a fan of the Lantern universe.  For the uninitiated, this is a great introduction to Sinestro and gives you some real insight into one of DC’s most interesting villains.  How ruthless and unrelenting he is and that he does often walk a very thin line between good and evil.


Futures End Sinestro #1 Futures End Sinestro #1


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