Comic Review – Grayson #8

  • Writer: Tim Seeley & Tom King
  • Pencils: Mikel Janin
  • Colorist: Jeromy Cox
  • Letterer: Carlos M. Managual
  • Publisher: DC Comics
  • Release Date: 3/4/15

The first arc of Grayson comes to a close this week as Dick Grayson, the former Nightwing, faces his biggest challenge as a Spyral agent/mole for Batman; only this time, it’s from within! This series, which debuted with a bit of trepidation from fans, has been a rousing success and has had strong issues throughout the run so far. But can Seeley, King, Janin and Cox stick the landing like their star?Grayson 8 Cover

Throughout this series, Dick and partner Helena Bertinelli have been given their orders by the mysterious Mister Minos; who sent them after various body parts that once belonged to the villain Paragon. Now, after so many months, Minos’ real plan is revealed as he attacks Helena with her own crossbow and targets the rest of Spyral. Between the frame story of Minos talking to a mysterious figure in a cafe about his rationale, we get an exciting tale as Dick has to save his fellow agents (including Agent One, who is not his biggest fan) from their traitorous boss. In between, we see the return of Dick’s stalkers/students, as he teaches them gymnastics.

This is a jampacked story that really brings this arc to a satisfying end. There is plenty of action, as well as returning to the theme of secrets. Dick is witty as a teacher, and badass as he leaps into action. Mister Minos, while treacherous, also comes off as sympathetic in his frame story, sick of Spyral’s hypocrisy of revealing secrets while coveting their own. Helena gets her moments, as well as Agent One, who we haven’t seen since issue 3. The St. Hadrian’s students remain as hilarious as ever, as Dick’s cover story doesn’t exactly persuade them from stop their crush on him. Dr. Netz also gets some pretty good lines, and it’s nice to see her interact with more characters in a less clinical setting. It’s also really cool that they show Dick as the tactician he is as he gives Agent One advice to take on Paragon. Seeley and King also weave in various aspects of previous Bat-stories, including other stories involving Spyral. It’s a fun and exciting ride, with a certain character revealed at the end to have been observing things for a while.

Janin’s art remains some of the best on the shelves. His characters’ faces are wonderfully expressive; ranging from Dick’s daredevil grin, Helena’s grimace of pain, Agent One’s glare of anger, and even Mister Minos, with his lack of a face, has a look of fear. The character movements are dynamic, as we should expect from a book starring the DC Universe’s premier acrobat. The aforementioned scene of Dick’s tactical mind in action is displayed with great skill in a two page spread as Dick fights Paragon. Cox’s colors complement the pencils, bringing energy to the fight, or shedding quiet light through the window of a cafe.

This is a wonderful conclusion to the arc; it’s a shame we have to wait two months to see what is going to happen to Dick Grayson. Needless to say, we can’t wait to read his next adventure.

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