Comic Review- Hexed #9

Hexed #9 pic 1Written by: Michael Alan Nelson

Illustrated by: Dan Mora

Coloured by: Gabriel Cassata

Published by: BOOM! Studios

Release Date: April 15th 2015


I can’t properly put into words just how much I love this cover.  In a word, it’s sensational. The attention to detail far surpasses anything Dan Mora has done before. It’s a finely crafted front cover, and one which I believe truly highlights what this comic is all about: intrigue, mystery and beautiful works of art. So congrats to Mora for being able to draw people in with one single piece of art.


This issue is a perfect example of why Mora continues to illustrate for this series. There is always so much thought put into the smallest of images. Even if the background is not overly detailed, what’s happening in the foreground is. The way he shows emotion is fantastic, and it’s further demonstrated in this comic, clearly coming through with sad undertones in the wake of the tragedy that occurred two issues ago. Val’s funeral is sad, and the weight of what’s happening is beginning to affect Raina. Mora draws Raina’s struggle perfectly, showing her to be very conflicted,while trying to act just as strong as Lucifer would’ve been. As for the Lucifer lady herself, she’s in an incredibly dark place, and even though it is clearly the same person, Mora has done an exceptional job of presenting Lucifer in a completely different light. In short, Mora has, once again, created a beautiful comic. Oh, and as a lover of Mustangs, I must say that Raina’s car is drawn perfectly.

Hexed #9 pic 2


The past few issues of Hexed have undoubtedly been great. That being said, this issue is even better. Hexed drew me in instantly because of Lucifer and her snark and  general bad-assery. The Lucifer we see in this issue is completely different to the Lucifer we all know and love, but that doesn’t change how it makes me feel about Hexed in general.  In fact, it just makes me love it even more. Nelson has the amazing ability to change a character completely, and still make us fall in love with them. Lucifer has changed, that much is abundantly clear, but at the core she is still very much a lost, and confused young girl who has just lost her mom. The development of Raina, from being a scared intern at the beginning, to a heroic necromancer at the point we’re at now, has been delightful to read. It gives inspiration to everyone who doesn’t believe they’re good enough, because Raina definitely thought that at the beginning, and now she’s probably the only person alive who can save Lucifer’s life.


Overall, this is an incredible issue, not just because of the quality of the comic in general, but because of the direction it’s taking the characters in. This is so different from the first few issues in the series, but by no means is it a bad thing, in fact it makes it more entertaining, and I really can’t wait to see what happens next. It doesn’t leave us on a cliff-hanger per se, but the final page contains some of the best dialogue of the entire series, and that leaves me wanting to find out what more this entire team can come up with.

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