Comic Review – Justice League of America #1

Writer/Pencils: Bryan Hitch
Inks: Daniel Henriques, with Wade Von Brawbadger and Andrew Currie
Colors: Alex Sinclair, with Jeromy Cox
Letters: Chris Eliopoulos
Publisher: DC Comics
Release Date: 6/17/15

Bryan Hitch, famous for Marvel’s The Ultimates, arrives at DC Comics to work on that premier team, the Justice League of America! While Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok’s Justice League is handling Darkseid, Hitch is having them take on different challenges. At $5.99, this is one of the more expensive books on the market (though it will drop down to a more manageable #3.99 with issue 2.) Is it worth your dollars, or will it be an expensive flop?

JLA_1Hitch’s first issue juggles a lot of content, here. Superman has to deal with a mysterious corporation handling alien technology that is bringing Supermen from across various timelines with warnings of a great peril. Aquaman is struggling with being a statesman at a very heated meeting of the United Nations. As for the rest of the Justice League, they’ve got their hands full with a baddie who proves to be a much larger threat than he has been portrayed so far in the post Flashpoint DC Universe. All of these things come to a point with a major reveal of a figure often mentioned but rarely seen in the DCU proper.

Hitch has a lot of moving parts, and for the most part he has them down pat. Each character is fleshed out and has their time to shine. The mysterious company definitely is nefarious, and the massive battle scene is one of the most action packed in a while. Even Lois Lane has a moment to shine, resulting in some classic Lois and Clark banter. The Aquaman sequence, for a part absent on pyrotechnics, is pretty intense and dramatic. The ways Hitch has his villain attack the Justice League is also quite brilliant. There are a couple moments that feel off, such as Superman’s angry (though understandable) response to the room filled with dead Supermen, as well as Wonder Woman’s more violent reactions. It’s possible that this takes place earlier in the DC Universe timeline, but that could have been clearer if that’s the case.

Hitch brings his famous “widescreen” style to the book, giving it plenty of energy and action. Aside from a few wonky faces, his portrayals of the League are well done. They are wonderfully expressive; as one can see from the Aquaman sequence as he slowly gets more and more annoyed with the xenophobic questions at the UN. It is the action sequences where Hitch shines the most, bringing energy and dynamism that leaps off the page. There is a massive team of inkers and colorists, but one wouldn’t be able to tell. The inks are excellent and the colors are vibrant.

This book is worth the price of admission. This is an action packed movie in book form starring the Justice League, and fans will be hooked at the massive battle and at the big reveal at the end. Hitch is off to a strong beginning, and it looks like plenty of mystery and action are ahead.

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