Comic Review – Kim & Kim #2

  • Writer: Magdalene Visaggio
  • Artist: Eva Cabrera
  • Colorist: Claudia Aguirre
  • Letterer: Zakk Saam
  • Publisher: Black Mask Studios
  • Release Date: August 31, 2016

Kim & Kim #2 continues to be one of the funniest comics out right now and it’s all due to the characters that Magdalene Visagio and her artist Eva Cabrera have brought to life in this book. Obviously if you’re reading Kim & Kim, you’re reading it for the Kims (pink-haired Kimiko “Kim Q.” Quatro and her badass partner Kimber “Kim D.” Dantzler). As you should because they’re awesome.

Last month, in Kim & Kim #1, after having a big bounty get vacated on the grounds of “mistaken identity”, the Kims proceeded to snag a bounty from two competing bounty hunters (who also seem to be the Kims’ frenemies).

Kim & Kim #2

Unfortunately, the bounty in question, one Tom Quilt, is a shape-shifting octopus dude from another dimension who’s managed to really piss off an intergalactic crime boss type (who goes by the rather ridiculous name of El Scorcho). After a fight with the Kims’ aforementioned bounty-hunter frenemies, the first issue ended with the Kims and Tom Quilt heading off to find the mysterious Lady Babylon, the only person capable of helping get Quilt back to his home dimension.

What’s Happening in Kim & Kim #2

Kim & Kim #2 picks up shortly after the first issue as the Kims follow Quilt down to the underwater city of Qui-Ho’olo, somewhere that people like Lady Babylon tend to hang out. Three barfights later, Kim D finally comes up with an idea that’s supposed to help them get information on where Lady Babylon is. (Spoiler alert: it doesn’t. At least… not in any way either of the Kims expected.)

One thing that I love about Kim & Kim aside from the Kims being so cute and queer, is how Magdalene Visaggio and Eva Cabrera work together to unfold their world. I’m not the biggest sci-fi fan to begin with, but I love the way that they Kims’ world is so huge and full of possibilities that it drags you in just by giving you more and more things to wonder about. I’m a sucker for worldbuilding that basically goes “and guess what, there’s more out there” and in many ways, that’s what Kim & Kim does.

Another awesome thing in Kim & Kim #2 is the unexpected necromancy. I mean, it’s a bit expected because the first line in the issue is Kim D’s narration box saying that “Necromancy is dumb and gross”, but it’s also unexpected because well –

Kim D actually winds up using her necromancy in the issue in order to try and communicate with her aunt Djuna. In fact, the necromancy is super important to the plot in addition to giving us several panels with everyone in goth wear and heavy eyeliner. (Seriously, Eva Cabrera’s art is already ridiculously cute and then we get the girls in outfits that seem to have been pulled from my Hot Topic shopping fantasies? So unfair and yet so awesome at the same time.)

Despite how the results of her necromancy aren’t even close to what Kim D wanted, we do get a fantastic battle between the Kims and the thing that Kim D actually summoned: a giant sandworm a la Dune.

So much actually happens in Kim & Kim #2 that it’s hard not to spoil the entire book within a few sentences because all I want to do is wave my arms around and blurt out all of the super spoilery events that left me rolling around laughing.

Honestly, I feel as though Black Mask Studios has such a gem on their hands with this series because all of the characters are interesting and most are some kind of likeable (except for Kim Q’s dad who is the worst to me for how he treats her and dismisses her identity) and you know… it takes place in space and has two of the coolest Kims in the multiverse hanging out and fighting everyone.

Kim & Kim #2 has all of my favorite things: cool, strong, and QUEER women in main roles, necromancy, and some serious potential when it comes to worldbuilding. It’s also ridiculously cute and has fantastic character designs. If that even remotely sounds like your thing, catch up now before issue three comes out!

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