Comic Review – The Markings #1

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  • Writers: Collin Krisel, James Krisel
  • Pencils/Inks: Bong Ty Dazo
  • Colors:  Eugene Perez
  • Letters: Eugene Perez
  • Publisher: Collin & James Krisel
  • Release Date: November 25th, 2014

The Markings #1The Markings #1 is the first issue in a new series by brothers Colin and James Krisel. The story follows Jack Lewis, a young man who believes he has found the source of the world’s original language, though he is having difficulty finding anyone who shares his passion for this discovery. While Jack is well intended, he always seems to find himself in unexplainable situations that push him further and further into his research while his friends and colleagues keep going through the motions of everyday life. Soon, Jack finds that his efforts may be linked to deadly consequences, and that someone else may want to halt his efforts permanently.

Warning: Spoilers

The story opens with Jack as a young boy, walking in the woods with his Grandfather. Their conversation turns from one of fantasy stories to one of divining rods and the lesser known mysteries of the world. Suddenly, a huge rush of water overpowers the two and Jack’s grandfather is killed. Jack’s parents try to reassure him that the cause of the water rush was from a malfunctioning dam, but he knows there was more to the incident than a faulty water system.

Twenty two years later we find Jack working as a teacher’s assistant at the University of Chicago while he pursues his PhD. candidacy. Jack slaves over his research on ancient runes, Irish monks, and how Alexander the Great may be connected to Jack’s so-called silent first language. Jack doesn’t make time for dating or true socializing, he is engulfed by his research, determined to prove to his friends and colleagues that his research has yielded undeniable truths about the world.

When Jack finally seems to catch a break in his research, he tries to persuade those who can open the door to his candidacy, but finds that the more he tries to show his discoveries to people who can help escalate his research, tragic accidents occur. Instead of Jack finding acceptance and approval for his research, two people are left dead and Jack quickly learns that someone may be intentionally halting his progress in uncovering the first language of man.

Overall, the first issue of The Markings gives an interesting look at the ideas of language and the significance of lore in history. We also see the elements water, fire and earth playing a significant role within Jack’s story. While Jack does not discuss these elements directly, they make their presence known in a way that Jack cannot ignore. The artwork is rendered in a 3-D style on many panels, making the story literally look as if it is jumping out at you. While the artwork has a very engaging effect, some of the characters appear a bit older than one would expect for their suggested age.

As Jack’s story continues in the second issue of The Markings, we are left to ponder a few questions. Will we learn more about this first language that Jack believes inspired even Alexander the Great? Will we learn why Jack is leaving a trail of death in his wake? Do the elements play a role in Jack’s discovery?


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