Comic Review – Midnighter #10

  • Writer: Steve Orlando
  • Artists: Hugo Petrus and Aco
  • Colourist: Romulo Fajardo Jr.
  • Letters:Tom Napolitano
  • Cover Art: Hugo Petrus and Aco
  • Publisher: DC Comics
  • Release Date: March 2nd 2o16

The cross over event continues, the suicide squad being pitted against Midnighter with pretty much everyone quipping, and attacking their way through it. Harley Quinn and Midnighter get a lot more back and forth this time round with her quipping about how he’s leather man, which she seems to be extremely happy about. Not to mention the fact it’s always fun to watch Midnighter not care about getting hurt and just attacking everyone, it is sort of his thing after all.

MIDNIGHTER #10 Cover by Aco
MIDNIGHTER #10 Cover by Aco

The issue starts quite slowly this time round and doesn’t hit much of a stride till about the middle of the issue. Orlando usually is a bit more action heavy than this so the sudden shift is a slight jolt to the system. He spends a lot of time building exposition, with Waller trying and failing to interrogate Midnighter, whilst head of Spyral Bertenelli tries to figure out where Midnighter has gone. The issue improves from this point, Midnighter is a series known for Midnighter running around and pretty much beating up any one who deserves it to do what he wants. After Orlando has him cleverly escape from the chains that bind him (literally) he goes on a one man mission against the suicide squad. It’s brutal and violent with him dispatching almost all of them with ease, in fact they just barely manage to incapacitate him and this is after he brutally breaks Deadshots hands. Which is a whole new level of dark even for Midnighter. In a good way though as if any character deserves to be taken down a peg it’s the incredibly arrogant version of Floyd Lawton that’s at place in this issue. Orlando manages to pull the issue round from the rocky start and pull it together for a dramatic cliff hanger (even if we all know everything will turn out fine for our anti-hero).

The art duties for the issue are split this time round but for a change the difference between the artists is less jarring as the artists seem to be on an equal level. Petrus tackles the earlier portion of the issue focusing on the quieter scenes of the comic. He makes some good choices such as having Midnighters friend Robert having Harley Quinn was here written on his face, adding some much-needed levity to this early part of the issue and cementing some more of the whimsical of Harley Quinn. The rest of the art duties are,as per usual, handled by Aco the regular of Midnighter. He brings what he always does to the title, box art and the gore that goes with this character. Which he uses to great effect, the scene where Midnighter breaks Deadshot’s hands are visually brutal, to the point that you almost have sympathy pains for the villain. Other than this the issue is pretty run of the mill, the art is good but only a few moments really set it apart this time round.

As a rule, cross overs are a risky business. The pay off can be great but issues like this show the risks of them running slightly dry. Action is a requirement for this comic and whilst there is some at times it feels like very little is actually happening.

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