Comic Review – Mockingbird Shield 50th Anniversary #1

  • Writers: Chelsea Cain & Margaret Stohl
  • Artists: Joëlle Jones & Nico Leon
  • Colourists:  Rachelle Rosenberg & Andres Mossa
  • Letters: VC’s Joe Caramagna & VC’s Travis Lanham
  • Cover: Paul Renaud
  • Publisher: Marvel Comics
  • Release Date: 2nd September 2o15

This Mockingbird special gives us a deep view into the mind of Bobbi Morse (for what feels like for the first time in forever), and also features a mini story of the mysterious Red Widow (who turns out to be as different to the Black WidowMockingbird 2 as night is to day), and will be featured in the Black Widow novel.

Both of the writers for this issue are new to writing comic characters and both do it with a gusto and enthusiasm that make both of the mini stories truly excellent. Cain seems to understand Bobbi Morse brilliantly, she writes her as a very layered character touching on multiple aspects of her history as Bobbi sprints down the road to find her old mentors killer, whilst also trying to deal with the fact that she was fairly recently dead. It’s hard not to enjoy this one shot with Bobbi being brilliantly smart, snarky and tough. Not to mention that Cain manages to bring in her Agents of Shield boyfriend Lance Hunter in a way that really adds to the small tale. The writing for the second mini which focuses on the Red Widow is equally interesting but serves as an introduction rather than a flat-out adventure. Stohl manages to show us in her limited space exactly who the Red Widow is, what she thinks of the Black Widow and teases just enough about what may be to come to get the reader excited about the upcoming book.

Jones art style is so clean and cute that it’s impossible not to get further dragged into a growing love for Bobbi Morse. Her Bobbi is one who clearly shows the signs of her recent ordeal but still manages to keep an air of cool about her, which for any character that is both scientist and spy is definitely a good look. What’s even more Mockingbird 1interesting about Jones style is despite the fact that we never see Bobbi in costume her and Rosenberg manage to weave a Bobbi in black leather and white, which brings to mind her many costumed looks. The art for other mini issue (which features the Red Widow) has to manage the heavy load of balancing both the red and black Widows which Leon seems to be quite well up as both appear quite distinct from each others in looks, environment and attitude through the whole mini, the only complaint about Leon would be that the action scenes appear a bit static.

 Mockingbird Shield 50th Anniversary #1 is unexpectedly one of my recent favorite comics. I went in expecting not to like it very much as before now all I knew about Bobbi Morse is what I had seen of the Agents of Shield version. What I didn’t realise is she is really awesome on the page too and it’s rather sad to think that this is only going to a one shot look into Mockingbird.

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