Comic Review – Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat #2

  • Writer: Kate Leth
  • Artist: Brittney L. Williams
  • Colorist: Megan Wilson
  • Letterer: VC’s Joe Sabino & Clayton Cowles
  • Publisher: Marvel Comics
  • Release Date: January 20, 2016

Can something be terrifyingly cute?

If so, Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat #2 fits the bill in the second issue of this lady-friendly comedy series that serves as a slice of life superhero series of the best kind.

Last month, Kate Leth and Brittney L. Williams reintroduced us to Patsy Walker, bad ass but adorable superhero. We’ve seen her in Netflix’s Jessica Jones series, but this version of the character is in a league of her own. Watching her try to maneuver through life as a superpowered twenty-year old was charming in the first issue and it’s even more charming in this issue.

First off, the cover is great. So great. Nine of the most amazing women in the Marvel Universe are all sharing a table at a restaurant and it’s literally the cutest cover in the universe. Hellcat sits surrounded by friends from different walks of life and they’re just hanging out and having lunch. How often do we get moments like these in comics where ladies interact in a major way that doesn’t revolve around fighting crime or a man they’re interested in?

Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat #2 Cover
Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat #2 Cover

Not often enough, I think.

When we last saw Patsy Walker, she was planning to get a job in retail. Not the best idea out there, but hey, whatever pays the bills, I guess. The thing though, is that Patsy isn’t exactly cut out for the retail field. The store that she works in is busy, crowded, and messy and people just keep recognizing her thanks to her frenemy Hedy’s latest appearance in the news.

(Side note: I’m trying to be super positive about lady friendships in this series, but Hedy actually annoys me as a character because seriously, she’s so transparent about her Mean Girl status. The way that she treats Patsy is super messed up and I need there to be something in a later book where the rights for Patsy’s comic revert back to her because Hedy didn’t even give her money for her likeness but is continuing to make money off of it? Geez.)

Anyway, Patsy fills her new and adorable roommate Ian in on some of the details, informing him that she was actually dead for a little while. Mind you, she’s supposed to be working, but this is just the first break that she takes within a few minutes. Her seventeen year old boss snags her for a talk, but it’s super obvious that Patsy isn’t exactly listening.

You can probably assume (as I did) that Patsy isn’t long for the world of retail…

Next, a shoplifter with a magical bag gets the best of her while talking about a mysterious ‘she’. When Patsy goes back to her job, she runs right into Hedy Wolfe. Who is still manages to be terrible and snotty. I’m sure that when she’s not interacting with Patsy, she’s wonderful. But she’s really rude to Patsy and kind of… condescending.

After she leaves, Patsy prepares to go back to work only to find out that well—

She’s been fired.

Because that’s what happens when you take two breaks back to back in the middle of your shift. You get fired by your seventeen-year-old boss.

But Patsy, who I love because she’s so determined to do well and carry on despite everything, decides that the only way to get over this hurdle is to hang out with several of her closest girlfriends. You know, the superpowered darlings on the cover of the issue. I love that this comic definitely passes the Bechdel Test (as it’s come to be understood) in every issue and almost every scene. It’s wonderful!

Hellcat #2 is amazing and I love every single thing about it. I adore comics that are a mix of genres (you know, how Grayson is a spy-superhero mashup?) and I think that Hellcat brings a lot to the table in terms of breathing life into the superhero genre. Here, Patsy isn’t just a hero. She’s a friend. She’s a dork. She’s hopelessly confused about life. And with a mysterious villain from Valkyrie’s past coming to start trouble in their neck of the woods, she’s going to have a lot more on her plate in the months to come!

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